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Friday, March 26, 2004


 Friday, March 26th, 2004


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

        Chris Reising called the general meeting to order @ 12:11 pm.

        Members present:

Marc Mitchell, Ken Sandlin, Chad Wiltrout, Carl Dependahl, Danny Hoy, Daniel Charbonneau, Tom Venzon, Barbara LaRosa, Tom Marineau, Dave Bassett, Michelle Stevens, Charlie Chase, Kathy Cote, Chris Reising, Mary Montague, Mike Broomfield, Christy Davis, David Koffler.


II.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES

        Motion was made to approve minutes from last meeting; seconded.


III.             OLD BUSINESS

        Roger Waechter was not in attendance; no award presented.

        Education - Chris Reising gave us an update for the upcoming Summer Institute being held in Medford.  We are looking into obtaining Steve Thomas to teach the IBC 2003 for Design/Construction Review.  Date is set for July 12th-15th. 

        Since The Brewery no longer has a buffet, members discussed possibility of changing meeting time/place.  It was consensus to keep the meetings at The Brewery and fax your order in early to prevent a long wait.


IV.        OPEN FORUM -

  Chris Reising stated that an inspector must hold a medical gas license to make medical gas inspections per State requirement; discussion followed.

  Reminder that the OBOA annual business meeting is July 22nd & 23rd at Seven Feathers.

  Other miscellaneous issues were discussed.



  April 30th, 2004 @ The Brewery, Noon



  Meeting was adjourned @ 1:16 pm.