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Friday, July 30, 2004


July 30th, 2004  The Brewery




I.                   CALL TO ORDER

        The general meeting was called to order by Mary Montague, Vice- President

        Members present:

Donald Taylor, Phil Niver, Kathy Cote, Rob Fisher, Ted Mularz, Robert Seibert, Ken Sandlin, Doug Skelton, Jim McNamara, Daniel Koffler, Sam Barnum, Fran Todor, Dave Bassett, Robert Rice, Tom Marineau, Marc Mitchell, Heiland Hoff, Jerry Schaeffer, Charles Chase, Carl Dependahl, Chad Wiltrout, Bob Hart, Daniel Charbonneau, Hank Delladio, Tom Venzon, Barbara LaRosa, Mary Montague, Christy Davis, Ken Anderson.



II.                SPEAKER

        Jennings Ruffing, Electrical Engineer gave a presentation on egress lighting, exit signage, lighting terms & technology.  It was followed by a discussion on the differences between the UBC & proposed IBC.


III.             OPEN FORUM

        Marc Mitchell inquired about combustion air for gas clothes dryer in bathrooms (M1701.1 & M1701.2).  Dave Bassett said he would take the question to the next OMOA meeting.  


IV.              NEXT MEETING

        August 27th, 2004 @ The Brewery, Noon



        Meeting was adjourned @ 1:45 pm.