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Monday, September 27, 2004

Minutes of Meeting  

September 27th, 2002 11:00 


Present:          Roger Waechter, Dave Bassett, Lee March, Lois DeBenedetti, Christy Davis, Don Ford, Stan Bloyd, Bill Stanfill, Marc Mitchell, James Fritts, Mark Stevenson, Barbara LaRosa, Tom Marineau, Bill Cross, Robert Mathias, Bob Gilmore, Ed Wood, Jason Weber and Mike Broomfield.


Commenced Meeting @ 11:15. Lois DeBenedetti welcomed members and guests.


Due to speaker time constraints, items on the agenda were rearranged.  Lois first introduced Lee March, Building Official for the City of Corvallis, to discuss OBOA –BCD Relations.  Lee has been talking with different chapters and distributed an outline of information that has been gathered so far.  The objective is to provide as much information (such as background, successes, failures, suggestions, etc.) to the new administration.  Lee walked us through the outline and requested feedback.  It was consensus that we should prioritize the tasks and not give the new administration too many tasks at one time, and discuss lower priority items at a later time.  Partnership, Certification and Communication were discussed as being the three key issues at this time. Lee will create a narrative for the members to review.  


After lunch, Don Ford, Washington County Plans Examiner, and Jason Weber of Mackenzie Weber, gave a presentation on the Special Inspection Program.  Don passed out an information packet and encouraged everyone to sign up for the upcoming 3-hour Special Inspection Program class at the 2002 Fall Institute on October 24th, at the Red Lion Hotel in Medford. This class will explore in depth, the roles and responsibilities of third party special inspectors vs. jurisdictional building inspectors.


Mike Broomfield, ICC Committee Chairperson, passed out information about the ICC website, and encouraged members to view the site.  Dave Bassett put a motion on the floor to become an ICC Chapter Member; it was seconded and passed.  Mike will compose a letter when he receives the clarifications he needs, and apply to the ICC using the default process.

Twelve people have signed up for the upcoming Oregon 1 & 2 Family Plumbing Inspection Class.  This class is tentatively scheduled for the 1st Wednesday in November, but notifications will be sent.  Please contact Mike Broomfield for further information.


Roger Waechter passed out the beautiful brochures for the upcoming Fall Institute.  


Meeting Adjourned at 1:45 pm.