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Friday, March 25, 2005



March 25, 2005 

The Brewery, Grants Pass  OR



I.                   CALL TO ORDER

        The general meeting was called to order @ 12:05 pm by Chris Reising, President

        Members present:

Christy Davis, Chris Reising, Tom Marineau, Robert Rice, Charles Chase,

Dannie Hoy, Marc Mitchell, Ken Sandlin, Greg Armstrong, Pat DeBenedetti,

Dale Bohannan, Edward Wood, Bob Gilmore


II.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES

        Motion was made to approve last meetings minutes; seconded.


III.             OLD BUSINESS

        Motion was made and seconded to donate $1,000 to the Tsunami Relief, benefiting Wave Basin Research @ OSU.



        Tour of the "new" 400 year old house will be May 13th.

        Discussed the Code Forums to possibly start back up in June.  Volunteers will be needed to teach the class. 

        Sign-up sheet was passed around to help man the booth at the Josephine County Homeshow May 13-15th.  It will be available at the next SOC-ICC meeting also.

        Marc Mitchell suggested we write a letter to the governor to assist us in obtaining a local test site.  Bob Gilmore was going to be speaking with Mark Long of BCD; he agreed to talk to Mark about this subject and report at the next meeting.

        Reminder of the upcoming April 19th ORSS class @ Red Lion, Medford.

        Motion was made and seconded to sponsor a Mechanical Code Change Class geared for contractors @ no charge to contractors.  Approximate cost would be $500.



        April 29th, 2004 @ The Brewery, Noon



        Meeting was adjourned @ 1:35 pm.