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Friday, April 29, 2005



April 29, 2005 

The Brewery, Grants Pass  OR



I.                   CALL TO ORDER

        The general meeting was called to order @ 12:05 pm by Chris Reising, President

        Members present:

Christy Davis, Chris Reising, Carl Dependahl, Dale Bohannan, Don Taylor, Mike Broomfield, Dannie Hoy, Tom Venzon, Charles Wiltrout, Connie Adams, Audra Wonsyld, Barbara LaRosa, Robert Rice, Karen Zimmer, Lois DeBenedetti, Bob Gilmore, Marc Mitchell


II.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES

        Motion was made to approve last meetings minutes; seconded.


III.             OLD BUSINESS

        Sign-up sheet was passed around for the Josephine Co Homeshow

        Reminder of the upcoming May 13th Tour  of  "new" old castle, and a reminder to bring your own lunch; it will not be provided

        Bob Gilmore talked to Mark Long.  ICC certifications should go into effect on July 15th, 2005.  For new certifications, there will be a state test and an online take-home exam.  Certifications will mainly affect bldg & mechanical, having the "experience" judgment left up to Bldg Official.  Current certifications are grandfathered-in and will convert to equivalent certifications.



        Chris read thank-you letter from OSU for Tsunami wave research donation.

        Treasurer's Report:  Balance $36,240.89

        Lois made motion to purchase a cargo trailer for storing/hauling permits protect wall, not to exceed $2500.  Seconded and all in favor.  Christy to call Joanie @ Tri-County to advise her.

        SOC-ICC to pay for Josephine Co booth @ County Fair ($425)

        Mike Broomfield will bring draft of new procedures policy on how to guide people if they want to apply an alternative drainage method.  We will discuss uniform drainage issues at next meeting


IV.              NEXT MEETING

        May 27th, 2005 @ The Brewery, Noon



        Meeting was adjourned @ 1:35 pm.