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Friday, May 27, 2005





Friday, May 27th, The Brewery


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order by Carl Dependahl, Vice President

·         Members present:

Mary Montague, Charlie Chase, Jerry Schaeffer, Chad Wiltrout, Ken Sandlin, Buck Eichler, Robert Rice, Kathy Cote, Dale Bohannan, Mark Stevenson, Barbara LaRosa, Dannie Hoy, Don Taylor, Marc Mitchell, Dan Koffler, Dave Bassett, Commissioners Riddle, Ellis and Refenburg, Christy Davis, Carl Dependahl.



II.                OLD BUSINESS

·         The May 12th Contractor Mechanical Class was a success.  We had over 30 attendees.

·         Received a Thank You letter from RCC scholarship for presenting $250.

·         Dave Bassett reported on Josephine County Home show.

·         The Electrical class was canceled due to lack of enrollment.  Another class on June 25th has been scheduled at Medford High School.

·         We purchased our trailer cost about $2,500.  It includes a hitch and can be parked at the service center in Medford for about 6-8 months.  The display is included in it for Permits Protect.  We need to decide on a logo for our trailer.  A few ideas of displaying all entities were discussed.  Maybe have a contest at Rogue Community College.  Dale Bohannan and Mary Montague will head up a logo designs project for all departments.


III.             NEW BUSINESS


·         Residential and Commercial Code Change Class will be held on June 21st.  Mike Ditty will be the instructor.

·         Talked about having Chuck McCracken as a guest speaker for next meeting.  Should have questions, who inspects and how to go about it.  Dale brought up the sloped driveway issue and how fire trucks can’t get to them and fire sprinklers would be required or domestic water supply. Decided we want a short presentation, who, what and why, and then open discussion.  Discussed how homebuilders and contractors should be aware of Fire Sprinkler requirements.  Christy will confirm a date with the guest speaker

·         Mike Broomfield discussed uniformity in drainage and not here. Mark Stevenson brought up that general   enforcement is a major problem.  We discussed having a mini class with a couple of meetings, small scale discussion.  Decided didn’t warrant special meeting previously.  There are other issues, will put on next month’s agenda.  Probably will just involve individual discussion jurisdictional.

·         Dale updated us on 3092 – It passed the house senate.  Rules request through Board of Comm.  An unhealthy president to set in the metro area – not doing job well.  PHCC task force to work on these issues; need support of people we regulate. Discussed issues on this bill.  Permanent Rule making requires Building Department waiving building inspections. Requirements OAR 918-020-0130; OAR918-480-0130; OAR 918-098-05001. Senate Bill to 711.

·         July 24, 2005 next meeting will try to get guest speaker.

·         June 21st and July 26th upcoming classes.

·         Listened to comments from the commissioners.

·         Closing statement:  Be aware of our jobs and how we regulate.

·         Meeting adjourned at 1:10 p.m.



Minutes submitted by Mary Montague