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Friday, June 24, 2005





Friday, June 24, 2005, The Brewery


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order by Chris Reising, President.

·         Members present:

Tom Marineau, Michelle Stevens, Charles Chase, Dannie Hoy, Daniel Koffler, Ken Sandlin, Chad Wiltrout, Pat DeBenedetti, Audra Wonsyld, Robert Rice, Mike Broomfield, Rick Hackstock, Chris Reising, Carl Dependahl, Mary Montague.



II.                OLD BUSINESS

·         The June 21st Plumbing Code Change Class had 35 attendees and there were several contractors.

·         Over ½ million dollars in scholarship money was awarded at RCC.

·         Chuck McCracken will not be speaking at this meeting.           


III.             NEW BUSINESS


·         Carl will be attending the ICC Conference in September.  A motion was made and 2nd for approval for ICC-SOC to pay for the trip.

·         Lois was not present to discuss Plumbing Code Change.

·         Mike Broomfield had issue related to plumbing code for retailers and what are local jurisdictions requiring.  Rick brought up that the overview has gray areas regarding the gutter downspouts of material used, subsurface drainage is gone.  Gutter and downspouts use schedule 40.  Wanted to see what everyone else is doing to uniform.  State says (roof drain) is structure code now, not plumbing. Had an open discussion.   We need to get on board with materials.  Robert Rice suggested that the building officials meet with the plumbing inspectors.

·         Handouts were available on State interpretation of when residential sprinklers are required. Int. ruling

#01-1.  Residential code does not require fire code because of water access, have an option.  Copies of Chapters 30 & 32 of Int’l Assoc. of Plumb & Mech Officials were handed out as well as Section 508 of the Oregon Fire Code.  Open discussions – who inspects?  Dan suggested alternate methods of construction in lieu of sprinklers.  Access?  How do sprinklers end up in dwellings?

·         Discussed vaulted gable end trusses.  End wall not getting braced.  State did not respond.  Need to send to

BCD for interpretation. Code says balloon frame up to scissor truss.  BCSI spec. scissor truss must match.

·         Mike Broomfield e-mailed Jack Abernathy regarding stamped documents.  On page 16 Reference Manual (handed out copy) – not adopted – Issue 671.  People working employed by design professional architect.  Obligated to enforce 455 not 671.  Open discussion. 

·         There was not an educational meeting at this time.

·         Meeting adjourned.




                        Minutes submitted by Mary Montague