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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, January 20, 2006





Friday, January 20, 2006,  Medford


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

         The general meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m. by Chris Reising, President.  Before we get started and have the installation of the new officers Chris asked for self-introductions since it has been a while and we have some new people in attendance.

         Members present:

Chris Reising, Tom Venzon, Audra Wonsyld, Barbara LaRosa, Tom Marineau, Randy Cleveland, Jim McNamara, Ted Mularz, Chad Wiltrout, Christy Davis, Lois DeBenedetti, Greg Seger, Pat DeBenetti, Jim Ayles, Mike Broomfield, Rochelle Lake, Dale Bohannan, Kathy Cote, Todd Meador, Michelle Stevens, Charlie Chase, Derek Zwagerman, Hank Delladio, David Fisse, Kelly Adams, Ken Sandlin, Phyllis Gordon, Danny Hoy, Dave Bassett, Marc Mitchell, Aaron Yuma, Robert Rice, Mary Montague.



         Chris gave a speech thanking everyone for their help and support and meeting attendance.  In particular Lois for helping our chapter have a sound financial foundation and our past officers. 



         Chris was awarded a plaque as token of appreciation and relieved him of his office has president.

         Typically our regional representative Craig Stevenson from ICC would install our officers.  He could not make it.  Lois is standing in for him.  Carl Dependahl from the City of Grants Pass, will serve as President, Robert Rice of Josephine County will serve as Vice President and Christy Davis and Mary Montague from City of Medford will serve as co-treasurers.  Installation complete.

         Announcement from Carl.



         Minutes were not complete for approval.  Will be available at next meeting in March.


V.                 Treasurerís Report

         Current Balance a little over $31,626.91.  The year-end Income/Expense Sheet is available for anyone who would like to view it.  Let Christy of Mary know and they will make it available to you.


VI.              OLD BUSINESS

         Membership Renewal Reminder.  Membership renewal is now due, it is $10 per year per member.  the year.  We have forms available.  Please keep ourselves current and pay if you havenít done so already. 

         Home show on February 10th and 12th in Medford. The permits protect booth will be set up and a sign-up sheet is being passed around.  Be sure to sign up for a time to contribute a time to man the booth.  If not enough people sign up we will have to cancel the booth. 



                     We have decided to rotate our meetings between Medford and Grants Pass so a wider variety of members can attend.  Christy would like to propose that March, May, July, and October meetings to be held in Medford at this location.  A motion was made to alternate meetings.  All in favor Iís have it.  Meeting dates and places sheet was passed out.

                     Discussion from Rochelle for a donation to OPTA.  Oregon Permit Technician Association in itís second year.  Rochelle discussed the organization.  Motion was made to make donation and 2nd to donate $250. All in favor, Iís have it.

                     Certification tracking to be discussed by Lois.  Passed out new rules that were implemented in July.  Discussed new rules.  ICC has a 3-year renewal.  Lois went over and discussed how she tracks her employees who are certified.  Discussion followed.

                     Carl just received a letter from BCD on the OIC test and problems involved.  They have pulled it and revised it.  Dropped requirements of when you can take it.  Discussion followed.

                     Dave shared information on joint meetings. Southern Oregon American Institute of Architects newsletter shared statement made from mark McKeknee new incoming president.  Would like to see some half day trainings for the contractors, architects, and engineers.

                     Charlie Chase has invited us to attend their February 24th meeting with all the fire marshals at Rogue River Fire Department from 10-2p.m. and discuss access and water supply, the codes we use and how to comply with each other.  A motion was made and 2nd to coordinate our next meeting with the fire marshals.



                     Mike Broomfield brought up discussion about Treks in the past and how they have been used.

                     Lois mentioned a class on Ďcite it write ití.

                     Dave Bassett said that OMOA invites our chapter to nominate someone to serve as a representative for Southern Oregon.

                     1st annual code bowl discussed by Dale Bohannan.

                     Next meeting will be in Rogue River February 24th.  Verification will be sent out.  December 2.  Meeting adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

Minutes provided by Mary Montague, City of Medford