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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, May 19, 2006





Friday, May 19, 2006, The Brewery




I.                   CALL TO ORDER

         The general meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m. by Carl Dependahl, President

         Members present:

         Self Introductions were made.

Charles Chase, Rochelle Lake, Dan Patterson, Chris Reising, Dale Bohannan, Kathy Cote, Michelle Stevens, Randy Cleveland, Tom Marineau, Marc Mitchell, Ken Sandlin, Kelly Adams, Mary Montague, Robert Rice, Carl Dependahl, Christy Davis, Rex Turner.


II.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES

         Correction on minutes Approval of minutes from April 28, 2006 meeting.  Issue on second page, Mike Broomfield, item VIII, made a motion to create a committee to participate in the on-line permitting system.  There will be a meeting on the subject in Grants Pass in June.  Changes so noted.  Minutes approved and 2nd was made.  Minutes approved.


III.             Treasurerís Report

         Current Balance $30,044.54.  Attached to the minutes on the back is a breakdown of the revenue we made from our framing class held for a total income of $1,381.01. 


IV.              OLD BUSINESS

         The home show in Josephine County was a good success.  Thanks to Don Taylor and Robert Rice, Tom Venzon, for getting the booth set-up and taken down, and thanks to everyone who participated.

         Roof framing class was a good success, very informative.  Many requested another one that were not able to attend, maybe we should think about holding one in the fall. We cut off at 80 people, 8 or 9 that wanted to attend were not able plus about 5 more calls that requested another class.  Maybe have another one and limit to 30-40.  Carl has had a lot of request for educational seminars from the contractors and others to provide cross support. 

         Rex from Klamath Falls called and wanted to know if we would entertain the idea of having a class in their area.  They were able to send 2 of their inspectors and they learned a lot.  Education committee & see if we can schedule something.  Keeping the cost down brought in more diversified contacts.

         NFSA, Dan gave a good presentation about fire sprinklers for application to residential specifically.


V.                 NEW BUSINESS

                     Discussed Jackson County, Bob Gilmore is now working for Lane County and they are looking for a new Building Official

                     Discussed how our organization and purpose is to bring together jurisdictions and to enforce the code accordingly and similar.  Mark Long has complimented us on how good we do.

                     Discussed our upcoming classes and the approval of AIA for class.

(New Business continued)

                     Chris is working on a proctor for a local test site for the Oregon certification test.  There is a contract from the state for SOU to sign and they are meeting today.  The cost would be $22 plus $10 and available every Tuesday and Thursday in Medford on campus.

                     Discussed adding a meeting location to Roseburg or Douglas County and discussed on holding a meeting there.  A motion was made to hold our next meeting on July 28 to be held in Canyonville.  Charlie moved and Chris 2nd.  Christy will make arrangements.

                     Discussed E-permitting and forming a committee of what we all need to do as a Southern Oregon group.  The problem interfacing addresses to make them available, using addresses that are not good.  Kathy has problems and issues with this still.  Discussed.  Will go to the meeting in Grants Pass on June 20th.

                     Discussed fees of Code Classes.





                     Code Alert.  Garage door will be rated.  Pecs system fire suppression.  Discussed costs of installation and who can install.  Dan Patterson talked about sprinklers.  Discussed how there is a direct conflict with the low rise and residential and the possibility that in the next code could be as an Appendix.

                     Charlie Chase is asking for a $5,000 for the Burn to Learn.  Cells.

                     Tom made a motion to continue our discussion at the next meeting.  Dan may do a presentation at the next meeting.

                     A motion was made to adjourn the meeting. Ken 2nd.

                     Meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.


Minutes provided by Mary Montague, City of Medford