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Friday, June 23, 2006





June 23, 2006  The Brewery


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order @ 12:17 p.m. by Robert Rice, Vice President

·         Members present:

Mike Broomfield, Michael Grubbs, Jeff Pattschull, Audra Wonsyld, Barbara LaRosa, Tom Marineau, Laura Lee Gray, Marc Mitchell, Tim Geiger, Kathy Cote, Adele Adams, Michelle Stevens, Lois DeBenedetti, Robert Rice, Jennings Ruffing.


II.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES

·         Motion was made to approve May 19, 2006 minutes; a minor change to discussion ‘Burn to Learn’ should read ‘Burn Cells’.  So noted.  A motion was made & seconded.  Minutes approved with changes. 


III.             OLD BUSINESS

·         Self-introductions were made.

·         Will get an update on money made on classes held June 6th & 7th at next meeting.  Classes went very well.

·         Update on Robert’s code proposal for Diaphragm to braced walls.  The IBC portion was taken and sent to Oregon on the 14th & defended.  It was approved and Salem approved.  Is in the Oregon code but not the ICC.  It is posted on the BCD webpage and is Code change OSSC07-51.

·         No other old business.


IV.              NEW BUSINESS

·         Mike Grubbs attended a class given by Mike Broomfield and was made aware of seismic bracing  requirements for free standing switch gear, mechanical equipment or any other large non structural equipment.  He passed out information regarding Seismic Bracing for electrical equipment.  The City of Medford had reviewed this information and decided to make June 1st the cutoff date for electrical contractors with any bids, afterwards they need to comply.  The City is trying to catch this at plan review so contractors are aware.  ICB Chapter 16 refers to ASCE 7 for seismic bracing.  Ir also requires suspended ceiling & special inspection which may include design by Architect or Engineer. 

·         Lois wanted to remind everyone that was going to Bend that registration was at the River House, if they are full they should refer you to another place to stay.  Be sure and get registered.

·         Update of OBOA Annual Business Meeting.  Talking about merging.  BO guide book will be available.  An operating plan will be in book.  Sent request for nominations for new Board members, Education Committee, Legislature committee and Standards committee.  Will be meeting more through teleconference.  Aaron Luma Yuma will be president.  There may be more meetings here.  Code change committee, IBC having some big changes.  Adopt 07, Appendix K removed Appendix J.  Big changes in windows and Chapter 11.  You can go onto BCD website and get appeal documents and what’s been going on.  Talked about service counters and what is allowed and the one in Deschutes County.  Mark Long – BCD needs new people; regional coordinators to help BO streamline bill.  There are 3 positions open – one has been hired.  They will re-advertise.  New elect chief John Powell went to Eugene and planning on raising fees.  Should do before January 1st.

·         Local proctor site, so far everything is looking good, no technical information.

·         Discussed e-permitting.  Not sure how to proceed – explained procedure; email contact.  Brookings and Curry County will not be participating.  Discussed.

·         Investigators Board contract employers will no longer be doing.  CCB enforcement will no longer have this avenue.  Complaints will now need to go to Salem.

·         Received an email from MS&P (manufactured homes).  Is anyone interested in Board of Directors position?  If so contact Christy Davis.




V.                 OPEN DISCUSSION


·         Robert Rice brought up discussion about rafter ties at plate line and discrepancy in the code.

·         Discussed expired permits and how the different jurisdictions handle.  OBOA consensus what to do – 30 day before expire – 10 days certified mail.  Issues brought up.  It is the jurisdictions responsibility.  Discussed the importance of pool permits, barriers and final inspections.  Central Point sends notice to homeowners.

·         There are two job openings:  One with Josephine County and one with Douglas County for plans examiner.

·         Meeting adjourned at 1:22 p.m.


Minutes provided by Mary Montague, City of Medford