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Friday, July 28, 2006





Friday, July 28, 2006

Seven Feathers Casino, Huckleberry Room


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order at 12:19 p.m. by Carl Dependahl, President

·         Members present:

Neil Streech, Tom Rogers, Rochelle Lake, Lois DeBenedetti, Dale Bohannan, Ed Wood, Mary Montague, Christy Davis, Rex Turner, Jerry Dwelley, Hank Dlladio, Robert Rice, Jeff Pattschull, Marc Mitchell, Carl Dependahl, Carol Dependahl, Larry Ellenwood, Mike Smith, Kathy Cote, Paul Allen, Adele Adams, Ken Sandlin, Carol Dwelley, Chad Wiltrout, Kelly Adams, Dave Bassett, Pat DeBenedetti, Dave Bassett.


II.                APPROVAL OF MINUTES

·         Correction on minutes, Aaron Luma should be Aaron Yuma, so noted.  Minutes approved.


III.             Speaker

·         Neil Streech gave a presentation on Hillside Development.  His presentation included a handout of Chapter 4 of the 2005 ORSC and Section 1802.2 through 1803.6 which addresses these issues.  This was a very good interactive presentation.


IV.              OLD BUSINESS

·         Bend Annual meeting was a very good meeting.  Things that were discussed included Mark Long said that Oregon would be eliminating plan review for mechanical systems, as it is currently with plumbing and electrical. We would not be able to demand a plan review on anything other than complex structures.  Dave Bassett mentioned that OMOA has their meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month in Salem, and they have mentioned licensing and the lack of.  Also talked about the Building Official guidebook.  Every building official that was there received a copy.  Bill Cross will have them at our Bandon meeting.  Discussed how the guidebook is not only good for existing building officials but new ones too.  It is also a good guide for anyone in the business not just building officials.  It contains lots of samples and good sense applications. It is not currently available on the OBOA website but will be.  Lois has copies of handout from Mark Long with new “Who to contact” list.  Greg West presented Building Department accreditations; has website.  Also the classes being held in the Fall by OBOA in Wilsonville.  Lois has copies for anyone interested.  They also talked about the certification transition.  OBOA has the correct information on their Website.  Short discussion followed.

·         No other old unfinished business was brought up.


V.                 NEW BUSINESS

·                     Mike Smith had two things – Happy Birthday to Lois DeBenedetti (today) and Neil Streech (tomorrow)!

·                     Also he will be moving to Douglas County due to the new IGA agreement between the City of Roseburg and Douglas County.  He will be e-mailing everyone as soon as he is set up.



·                     Chris was not present – we will have suspended ceiling discussion at our next meeting.  

·                     Dale brought up an issue he is struggling with regarding ‘F’ occupancy, fire sprinklers, smoke vents and alarm system.  Where in the code does it say it is O.K. to not have smoke vents or reduces them?  Discussion followed.  Carl mentioned that Scott Kreaton, Fire protection engineer from Washington may be able to help him.  Carl having same issue, Fire side wants to remove from Building code.   Also Pat mentioned Mark Griffy from Wisconsin would be another contact and he has his number.





·                     Dave Bassett brought up the fact that all walk-in coolers that are being installed in the Department Stores have an issue.  While the Refrigerant is not considered poisonous the Oxygen is displaced and no one is aware of this.  It is in the code but is being overlooked.  He learned this at the last OMOA meeting.  Every unit should have an alarm, vent and shutdown system to prevent a hazardous situation.

·                     Carl brought up that if anyone has any issues or code proposal that you can still bring it to the table.  He talked to ICC and will be attending a meeting if anyone has any issues with substantial evidence to back it up.

·                     Next meeting will be in Bandon, August 25, 2006.  Anyone going need to make room reservations and needs to get their registrations in.  We will be ordering off the menu this year.  A head count is still needed. Be sure to get your registration in early.  Rooms available are limited!

·                     Meting was adjourned at 2:00 p.m.


Minutes provided by Mary Montague, City of Medford