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Friday, September 29, 2006





Friday, September 29, 2006

Jackson County Community Justice Bldg

1101 W. Main St, Medford, OR

(Conference Room)



I.                   CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. by Carl Dependahl, President

·         Members present:

Mary Montague, Christy Davis, Carl Dependahl, Rochelle Lake, Lois DeBenedetti, Randy Cleveland, Rex Turner, Adele Adams, Michael Terry, Kathy Cote, Dale Bohannan, Chad Wiltrout.


II.                INTRODUCTIONS


III.             OLD BUSINESS

·         Carl talked about the Final Action meeting in Florida. He said he was very busy and it was a good convention. He brought back a newsletter and new officers were elected at the Business meeting. Carl explained what Robert had submitted. Refinement connection of the roofline not prescribed by code. It was accepted at a state level. It was improperly handled with ICC, the proposal was printed incorrectly and a modification was not submitted properly from ICC. It was disapproved “as submitted” but will be brought back at Rochester in 2007. It has a good chance to pass once it is submitted properly. The conference is still going on and there are 3,000 more at the Epcot Center to review. There were many speakers and he met the new CEO of ICC, Rick Weiland. He also met with the executive director of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), James Pastale(sp).

·         Dale recapped story about Brent Snyder, he is still hanging in there, but can go anytime. There has been over $50,000 raised at this time.  OBOA Board meeting approved $500 to be donated.  This has never happened before and is a big step for OBOA to approve.

·         Carl updated on his son, he is working full-time.



·         Minutes approved.


V.                 NEW BUSINESS

·                     Christy talked about e-permitting. Legislature passed state wide electronic e-permitting system. Have taken care of a lot of glitches. A lot of municipalities have decided to get on board. This is for over the counter permits. Christy explained the process and handed out information and a start-up guide. In a couple of weeks City of Medford will be running a test mode and go live by December 1st.  There is a $250 set-up fee plus credit card fee less than 3% funded by 8% surcharge/part recruiting a local liaison to help set-up in our area.  There have been substantial changes since our meetings this past summer. Discussed changes.  On November 14th City of Medford will have a luncheon for contractors and ICC will co-sponsor.  Notice will go out to all Southern Oregon Contractors.

·                     A nomination committee was formed for October nominations; Dale, Lois, Rex are on the committee.

·                     OPTA asked if ICC would be willing to co-sponsor local classes, archiving and e-permitting. All voted and accepted to be co-sponsor.

·                     A new location for our 2007 Annual Business Meeting will be discussed at next meeting.







·                     Discussed formalizing a process for Southern Oregon chapter about uniformity. Maybe a formal process meeting. Two issues to bring up next discussion. IBC1210.1 AND 1210.2 -Waterproof 48” above wall within 24” from water closets.  Dale was told by contractor never had to do. Find some consistency maybe with a handout. Discussed 1210.1. Dale will do a formal paper.

·                     Designer building official types need to get together on draft stop.

·                     Randy Cleveland had some issues and found some discrepancies in some tables.  Dale will look into.

·                     Code item – steel stud framing. ASCE seismic design tables and R-factors. Tension straps ID’d in Oregon. It is eliminated. States one’s that are change Randy to e-mail. Design factor how does it affect with that missing. Bracing to resist tension & R-factor. ICC amendments call John Henry. Check in the 2006 code to see if caught Table 1604.

·                     Next meeting will be October 27th in Medford to be determined.           

·                     Meeting was adjourned at 1:38 p.m.


Minutes provided by Mary Montague, City of Medford