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Friday, December 08, 2006





Friday, December 8, 2006 at Guadalajara

2332 Poplar Dr, Medford, OR


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

         The general meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by Carl Dependahl, President

         Members present: Chad Wiltrout, Marc Mitchell, Ken Sandlin, Mike Broomfield, Adele Adams, Carl Dependahl, Jeff Pallschall, Rex Turner, Charlie Chase, LauraLee Gray, Dale Bohannan, Kathy Cote, Lois DeBenedetti, Tom Venzon, Barbara LaRosa, Audra Wonsyld, Steve Lampert, Michael B. Terry, Mary Montague, Robert Rice, Catherine Bailey, Joel Parsons.


II.                INTRODUCTIONS

III.             NEW BUSINESS

         Elections of new officers recommended by the nominating committee are co-chair Adele Adams for Secretary, Mary Montague for Treasurer, Carl Dependahl for President and Robert Rice for Vice President. Each officer was voted in by members in attendance all in favor, none in opposition. Kraig Stevenson, our ICC representative will attend our January meeting to install our officers. Place TBD.

         ICC has announced that they approved development of a national certification for Residential Plans Examiners. It will be made available by late 2007. Discussed how it will affect Certification in Oregon.

         Short school for fire training for Fire Plans Examiner by the Fire marshal Association will be offered on January 8-12th it will be a four day class in Canby. Go to their website for more information. A class is also being offered through OBOA at their winter institute in two parts. They are looking into a four-day class at their Spring Institute in Eugene. Charlie Chase mentioned that through OARs give input fire related 2007 need to have certification a year from now.

         OIC training class will be held on January 9th in Medford.

         Sign-ups will be available for the Jackson County Home Show in February.

         Robert made a motion and Dale 2nd, majority Is voted to donate $100 to Math Counts.


IV.              OLD BUSINESS

                     Passed thank you note around in regards to Brent Snyder. Brief discussion of Brent.

                     Talked about e-permitting, Medford is now online with the state.

                     Dale passed around a handout in regards to the Suspended Ceiling Presentation, follow-up from Richard Rogers class; in lieu of 2 molding and spreader bar. He brought the clips to the meeting for hands on discussion. Armstrong T-bar ceiling ESR Report through ICC. Discussed issues on square footage and replacing and also newer ceiling systems.

                     Passed out information on the Running Y for our annual meeting and discussed contract requirements. Robert made a motion and Dale 2nd to have our annual meeting at the Running Y. All voted and we will have our annual business meeting August 24th at the Running Y.  Reservations must be made by July 25th, ten rooms are blocked out. Information will be forthwith.



                     Marc handed out Interpretive Ruling No. 95-9. Discussion followed. Also hand out on Table R703.4.

                     Discussed having a letterhead for SOC-ICC and the rulings we decide as a jurisdiction so everyone has a copy to hand out and back up what we decide. Dale is already working on this.

                     Discussed license alarm, sprinkler and commercial hood systems. They are regulated by the state and anyone can install now. Discussed fire service versus the home builders and discussed fire sprinklers.

                     Motion was made to adjourn meeting. Next meeting will be January 26th, installation of new officers, place to be determined.

                     Meeting adjourned at 1:35 p.m.

Minutes provided by Mary Montague, City of Medford