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Friday, January 26, 2007





Friday, January 26, 2007

Seven Feathers Casino, Huckleberry Room

12 noon


I.                   CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order at 12:30 p.m. by Carl Dependahl, President

·         Members present: Chad Wiltrout, Ken Sandlin, Adele Adams, Rex Turner, Dale Bohannan, Kathy Cote, Michael B. Terry, Robert Rice, Derek Zwagerman, Greg Seger, Christy Davis, Carl Dependahl, Dave Bassett, Ed Wood, Clay Jordan, Larry Ellenwood


II.                INTRODUCTIONS


·         Minutes approved

IV.              NEW BUSINESS

·         Kraig Stevenson, our ICC representative was unable to attend and install our officers. Dave Bassett of Josephine County installed the officers, Carl Dependahl, President, Robert Rice, Vice President, Adele Adams, Secretary, Mary Montague, Treasurer. Mary was unable to attend. Dave spoke about the history of the chapter and read all of the names of past presidents of the SOCICC and presented to plaque to Carl. Christy Davis presented Carl with a gift thanking him for the past year of service.

·         Treasurer’s report- There is a $26,928.97 balance of chapter funds.

·         Robert proposed that the chapter purchase pins to trade at the ICC ABM in Reno. The motion was approved and a budget $1500.00 was approved. Christy is going to work on the design and purchasing.

·         The chapter discussed a goal of trying to get all jurisdiction to get online with E-Permitting

·         There will be code change classes offered by our chapter in February and Christy will be emailing out registration forms.

·         Sign-ups will be available for the Jackson County Home Show in February.

·         The chapter approved sponsoring the coffee break for The Oregon Chapter of the AIEI of $50.00.

·         Post earthquake certification will be every 3 years as of January 1, 2007.



V.                 OLD BUSINESS

·         Carl read thank you letter from Debbie to the chapter for the donation for the arson investigation fire training.

·         OIC training class was held on January 9th in Medford. 20 people attended and the chapter made $2023 from this education class. Christy let everyone know that the power point program for the class is available at BCD’s website.




·                     Larry Ellenwood discussed dealing with air craft hangers under the new code

·                     Robert talked about the status of his code proposal and the revision process.

·                     Discusses Appendix P with the new code adoption. We are waiting to hear more as this moves forward.

·                     Open discussion of notices given to jurisdiction form utilities companies from there inspections and servicing. Most of the notices that were received did not require permits, it was mentioned that records should be checked to see if the work that requires permits have acquired them.

·                     Meeting adjourned at 2:05 p.m. Next meeting to be at Medford Justice Building (Old Safeway)2/23/07

Minutes provided by Adele Adams, Douglas County