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Friday, February 23, 2007





Friday, February 23, 2007

Medford Justice Building

Medford, OR

12 noon


  I.        CALL TO ORDER

         The general meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Carl Dependahl, President

         Members present: Chad Wiltrout, Ken Sandlin, Adele Adams, Dale Bohannan, Kathy Cote, Michael Terry, Robert Rice, Derek Zwagerman, Greg Seger, Christy Davis, Carl Dependahl, Dave Bassett, Lois De Beneditti, Ted Melarz, Jim Mcnamara, Mary Montague, Chris Reising


II.                INTRODUCTIONS


         Minutes approved


IV.              NEW BUSINESS

         Treasurerís report- There is a $26,575.28 balance of chapter funds.

         Chris Reising to report back on trying to make permit valuation more uniform and to accurately reflect the cost of building in our area. He is going to contact the COG, Rouge Valley Council of Government for there input.

         The chapter has received $520 in membership dues so far this year.

         There will be 3 free electrical education classes offered from BCD, Lois motioned and it was approved to donate up to $100 from the chapter to sponsor refreshment for break for each of the 3 classes.  And a sign is to be posed that indicates that the SOC-ICC sponsored the event

         ICC ABM has been added to the upcoming events schedule.

         Kathy Cote is currently the interim Building Official for Jackson County.



V.                 OLD BUSINESS

         Both space for the Jackson County Home Show was canceled.

         Chapter pins have been ordered $1.10 per pin and 1000 pins were ordered




         Robert discussed starting a blog on the SOC-ICC website for code discussion items as we have limited time available at our meetings. The first topic of conversation topic would be correct instillation of weather barriers.

         Robert talked balloon framing for vaulted gable end walls; he was doing to get feed back from truss manufactures and contractors before he has a final copy available.

         Pat from the HBA retired and Dale agreed to teach the quarterly education.

         Dave gave Building Official history for The City of Grants Pass.

         Next meeting to be at City of Grants Pass Council Chambers, 3/30/07

Minutes provided by Adele Adams, Douglas County