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Thursday, March 27, 2008




Friday, February 22, 2008

The Brewery, Grants Pass

12 noon


  I.        CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Mary Montague, Vice President.

·         Members present: Greg Armstrong, Aaron Yuma, Jerry Schaeffer, Audra Wonsyld, Tom Venzon, Sally Maloney, Kevin Ferguson, Monty Gordon, Phyllis Gordon, Rex Turner, Carl Dependahl, Dale Bohannan, Michael Morter, Chris Reising, Hank Eckardt, Jim Ayles, Derek Zwagerman, Marc Mitchell, Kelly Adams, Ken Sandlin, Michael Terry, Jeff Pattschull, Lois DeBenedetti, Christy Davis, Dave Bassett, Charlie Chase.


II.                INTRODUCTIONS


·         Motion to approve by Carl Dependahl, seconded by Dale Bohannan; so approved

IV.              NEW BUSINESS

·         Dave Bassett installed Christy Davis as 2008 treasurer. Past President Carl Dependahl was presented with a plaque, pin and gift certificate in thanks for his term as 2007 president.

·         Greg Armstrong, field representative for the Construction Contractors Board, discussed his job duties which include contractor licensing issues.  His cell phone number is (503) 931-8192.

·         Josephine County Home Show is coming up and volunteers are needed to help.

·         Christy Davis announced that the code change classes that are going to be held in Medford (March 11-13) AND are filling quickly; please turn in registration form as soon as possible.

·         Lois DeBenedetti talked about the “Think Permit” program that is being advertised in a Portland Area newspaper.  She also brought up the earthquake disaster response.  She requested that the chapter look into the need for someone to take over the organizing for those certified.  Lois recommended we should look into ATC-45 certifications; the ATC-45 certification course may be offered at the OBOA spring institute. 



V.                 OLD BUSINESS

·         Dave Bassett is now working with the State of Oregon.


VI.              OPEN DISCUSSION

·         Dale Bohannan gave a recap on the residential energy code changes.  It was recommended that a checklist be developed for contractors to inform them and help them choose one of the new options to comply with the energy code requirements.  A standardized checklist that all jurisdictions could use was requested.

·         Mike Morter with BCD said that the new residential code will have a grace period until 6/30/08.  From 4/1/08 until 6/30/08 a contractor will have the option of using either the current code or the new code.  Certificates of occupancy for residential are going to be required with the new code.  Visit the BCD website for more information.


·         Next meeting March 28, at the community justice building, Medford



Meeting adjourned at 1:08 p.m.