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Friday, March 28, 2008




Friday, March 28, 2008

Community Justice Bldg., Medford

12 noon


  I.        CALL TO ORDER

         The general meeting was called to order at 12:12 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.

         Members present: Chris Reising, Hank Eckardt, Lauralee Gray, Michelle Stevens, Sam Barnum, Derek Zwagerman, Ken Sandlin, Chad Wiltrout, Jeff Pattschull, David Galati, Travis H. Wright, Greg Seger, Jim Ayles, Mike Broomfield, Larry Plew, Tom Venzon, Kevin Ferguson, Dale Bohannan, Margueritte Hickman, Ted Zuk, Kathy Cote, Mary Montague, Robert Rice, Dave Bassett, Bob Taylor, Michael Terry, Christy Davis.

II.                INTRODUCTIONS


         Motion to approve minutes as written, seconded; so approved

IV.              NEW BUSINESS

         Dave Bassett installed Kathy Cote  as 2008 secretary.

         Christy Davis gave an education update; had good reviews from our recent classes we held. Mark LaLiberte will be coming to Southern Oregon. He will be speaking at the library from 11-1 on April 10th , SOC will be hosting the event and again in the evening at the expo sponsored by the HBA. We will be holding a code change class for contractors. Pat Bridges will be coming to Josephine County will talk to the Home Builders and find out when he will be in Jackson County. There will be a Chapter 11 class next Friday at RCC.

         Transition period for ORSC will not include plumbing and electric. Chris also talked about initiative measure 21. Passed out information. Should provide administration with physical impacts. Be careful of what you say and when. Can go online for more information.

         Robert talked about the ThinkPermit program and ads for Building Safety Week. Talked about interviews and ads there are 2 30 seconds for public outreach. Christy said Medford does an open house and invites the public and they get a tour of their department. Robert has been in contact with the lumber yards in Grants Pass to set up the Good Wall/Bad Wall on a Saturday and have someone available for questions.

V.                 OLD BUSINESS

         Passed around sign-up sheet for Josephine County Home Show for May 15-18.

VI.              OPEN DISCUSSION New code Changes

         Dave Bassett brought up Measure 21 It is an option of the homeowner.

         Robert made aware that there is a template on the state web page for the new CofO and required info.

         Dale talked about the 19% moisture certification and hopefully the home inspection people will do.

         Mike Broomfield said that BCD will be reviewing letter in a year on the Green Building Amendment we should check out the website. City of Portland will become BCDs model and it will occur before 2009.

         ICC has a Public outreach and PSAs for anyone that may be interested in for Building Safety Week. Looking for help for sprinkler head to Good Wall/Bad Wall. Michelle will track one down. If anyone is interested in T-shirts, contact Robert for more information.

         Discussed the ATC45 course and the flood in Vernonia and how there was no communications with the Building Official, Red Cross and FEMA. Chris talked about the NIMS certification and it is available on-line, has a chain of command.

         Passed out energy code handouts for jurisdictions to hand out at the counter.

         David Galati talked about his position being the new Regional Program Services manager. They are focusing on the 4 Cs; Collaboration, Consistency, Customer Service and Compliance. He is very supportive of our organization. They are here to listen, respond quickly and get to the point. BCD wants to be collaborative with regulatory functions, get through the barriers-wants to share with us more- communication.

         Dave Bassett talked about services-OBOA working on an accreditation program.


         Next meeting April 25, at Seven Feathers in Canyonville.

Meeting adjourned at 1:12 p.m.                                                                                        Minutes provide by Mary Montague.