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Friday, June 27, 2008




Friday, April 25, 2008

Seven Feathers, Canyonville

12 noon


  I.        CALL TO ORDER

·         The general meeting was called to order at 12:17 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.

·         Members present: Rex Turner, Chris Reising, Hank Eckardt, Lauralee Gray,  Jim Ayles, Paul Allen, Ed Wood, Larry Ellenwood, Tom Rogers, Neil Streech, Ted Zuk, Suzy Wools, Michael Morter, Jeff Pattschull, Kathy Cote, Mary Montague, Robert Rice, Chad Wiltrout.     


II.                INTRODUCTIONS


·         Motion to approve minutes as written, seconded; so approved

IV.              NEW BUSINESS

·         Robert notified us that Home Depot’s throughout the state will set up tables for Building Safety week.  Need volunteers to contact Phoenix Home Depot for us to set up a table on May 10th from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.   This will not include the good wall/bad wall. Bill Cross will be dropping off packets of Think Permit Brochures, pencils, erasers, etc. on May 5th.  This will provide us an opportunity to handout information to the public.

·         April 30th from noon to 3 p.m. Electrical Code Roundtable at Jackson County Library, Medford

·         May 8 Electrical Code Changes class in Ashland presented by Dennis Clements

·         June 12 Archiving class at Jackson County Library, Medford, 2 sessions for permit counter staff

·         On May 9th the Education Committee is meeting to discuss which two free ICC classes should be offered to our membership.  We received a handout to vote and return at end of our meeting.

·         May 1 & 2 Oregon Permit Technician Association has classes for your permit counter staff

·         Robert modeled a T-shirt having the Think Permits information printed on the back.  You can order shirts from Body Cover Ink..Thread & Imagination by calling 1-888-435-0176 or 541-471-1504.  The initial set up cost was paid so costs are dependent on number of shirts ordered.

V.                 OLD BUSINESS

·         Josephine County Home Show for May 15-18 will have the good/bad wall set up. Still need more volunteers.

·         In May/June Robert is arranging with three of the lumber yards in Josephine County to display out good wall/bad wall.

·         Transition period for ORSC will not include plumbing and electric. If they use the 2008 Residential code then the plumbing and electrical is out of the 2008 plumbing and electrical specialty codes.

·         New residential codes books are available. You should receive yours soon.  It is also located on the website.

VI.              OPEN DISCUSSION –

·         Robert handed out a draft 2008 Residential Code Change items list that several members helped create. This is an index listing the changes.  Would be useful as a handout for homeowners and contractors. Discussion on how jurisdictions will be handling the moisture content, like requiring documentation on how they made the test.  Home inspectors were contacted and they have the equipment to test for moisture.  Review this handout for corrections/changes.  Then we can post on website and provide to OBOA.

·         A workgroup will be reviewing Appendix M of the 2008 Residential Code.  Looking for volunteers from Southern Oregon. Would like a Building Official or Plumbing Inspector.  Interested parties should contact Michael Morter BCD They will meet in late May or June.

·         Manufactured Dwelling and Park Specialty Code will not be changing in 2008.  Will be done in 2009.

·         Chris shared OBOA’s quarterly meeting. It was discussed setting up a Portland State Program that will focus training for Building Officials on the political and administrative part of the job. May be offered on line.

·         Michael Morter stated State employees job responsibilities are changing – Andrea Simmons is Legislative Affairs and Policy Manager, Chris Huntington – Acting Interim Manager and Twyla Knowles on the Asst Mngr, Fiscal & Business Serv.  Green Building position will also be open at BCD.

·         How we are handling anchors in cracked concrete as grace period expires.  Richard Rogers is working on it.


·         No meeting in May

·         Next meeting June 27, at The Brewery in Grants Pass.

Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.                                                                                        Minutes provide by Kathy Cote