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Friday, July 25, 2008




Friday, July 25, 2008

King-Wah, Medford

12 noon


  I.        CALL TO ORDER

         The general meeting was called to order at 12:12 p.m. by Mary Montague, Vice President.

II.                Members present: Chris Reising, Aaron Yuma, Ted Zuk, Bob Taylor, Lois DeBenedetti, Eric Hansen, Bob Schultze, Steve Lampert, Derek Zwagerman, Craig Batesole, Larry Plew; David Fisse, Michael Morter, Dale Bohannan, Christy Davis, Charlie Chase, Dave Bassett, Michael Grubbs, Kathy Cote, Mary Montague. 



         Motion to approve minutes as written by Chris Reising, seconded by Dale Bohannan; so approved

V.                 NEW BUSINESS

         Dave Bassett stated during the Photovoltaic class they learned of a policy that Portland has on this.  A committee was formed with members Robert Rice, Mary Montague, Mike Grubb, Dale Bohannan, Eric Hansen, Bob Schultz, Larry Plew and Craig Batesole to review Portlandís document.  Michael Morter suggested we submit our revised document to BCD to review.  It was suggested that Gabrielle Schiffer be informed for the Green Building process. Document could be used as best practice.  Dave Bassett suggested plumbing be considered if solar water heaters are included.  A meeting will be scheduled for the committee members to review Portlandís document and determine a time frame to return to the membership.

         Dave Bassett shared Cities Go Green ( July 2008 document which included an article on Portland and Medford going green.

         Highlights of OBOA Annual Business Meeting in Bend.  Chris Reising discussed the Process Management-Permit Process.  We need to think differently.  Your processes and time frame will determine whether development is done in our community or another.  This affects not only your revenue, but taxes and realestate.  Portland has created several models to streamline and be user friendly.   Dale Bohannan brought up that Portland has the money and resources to do this including issuing about 60% of their residential permits at the counter.  Chris added that Portlandís website forms are available for your use.  They will even add your own logo to the document.

Chris Reising gave an example on how the Fee Methodology will change how the City of Medford processes mechanical permits. Commercial mechanical permit will be figured on valuation instead of type of fixtures.  This type of change since it is because of the fee methodology will not need to go through the state review.  Michael Morter reminded us any fee changes that are in addition to this fee methodology would still need to go through the state review.

Chris Reising shared that Andrea Simmons indicated October 1 the International Existing Building Code will be an alternative to the standard and can be adopted locally. 

Dale Bohannan added when the state makes a formal interpretation that this is binding and must be follow.  Should you contact the state by phone or e-mail the state representativeís response isnít formal and needs to be used as a guide line.  The state has a process for site specific interpretations.  These would be binding for that specific site and would not be a state interpretation.   You can adopt programs as local amendments which would be binding for that jurisdiction.  Michael Morter added that things not covered in the code could be items that a local jurisdiction could adopt.

Dale Bohannan reminded all that the moisture certification was clarified that it is needed at framing before covering.

         Mary Montague notified us that the Annual Business Meeting will be at the Running Y this year.  We will be forming a committee to discuss where to hold this meeting next year.  Dave Bassett added that Gabrielle Schiffer, Green Building Services Coordinator needed to be added to the agenda. 

         Christy Davis informed us that on July 29, Dennis Clements is having a free NEC Code Change class from 1 to 5 p.m.  Michael Morter stated that the first Regional Forum will be held from 3 to 6 p.m.  In the future they will coordinate these trainings so they are not at the same time.










VI.              OLD BUSINESS

       Michael Morter updated us that the state is going a different direction then what the manufactured dwelling group is asking from them.  They are working on decreasing staff not increasing.  The state is looking at the codes to be out in 2009.

       Michael Morter has been our acting representative now he will be our local representative.

       Michael Morter shared the new Building Official Newsletter.  Anyone not receiving them should contact him with their e-mail address and he will have your name added.

       Mary Montague passed around the thank you letter from Josh Farmer who had received our Student Scholarship.  Also received a thank you letter from Tom Marineauís family.

       Mary Montague reminded us of the ICC ABM and code hearings in Minneapolis MN Sept 14-23.  Robert Rice attends with SOC-ICC assisting with costs not covered by ICC.


         Dale Bohannnan had been contacted concerning whether a 5Ē vent was needed for a ADCFM bath fan.  In researching the new residential code it is a requirement.

         Charlie Chase shared an experience with a recent fire that started where the plumber had been sweating pipe.   Just a reminder even with experience workers the heat is so hot that it will burn the wood.

         Michael Morter informed us they are working on a green plumbing training and building codes help for a free class sometime in the fall.  It is out for RFP now.  They will discuss the new rain water harvesting and reuse.


         Next meeting August 22,  Running Y, Klamath Falls  Annual Business Meeting

Meeting adjourned at 1:40 p.m.                                                                                        Minutes provide by Kathy Cote