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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, October 24, 2008




Friday, October 31, 2008

 Medford Justice Building

12 noon

  I.            CALL TO ORDER

The general meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.


II.                   Members present:  Rex Tuner, Tony West, Dale Bohannan, Michael Morter, Ted Zuk, Mike Broomfield, Dave Bassett, Chris Reising, Randy Cleveland, David Fisse, Aaron Yuma, Jeff Pattschull, Chad Wiltrout, John Franforther, Tom Marineau, Ken Sandlin, Debi Bisbee, Charlie Chase, Jerry Schaeffer, Jared Murray, Bernie Gordon, Phyllis Gordon, Monty Gordon, Derek Zwagerman, Christy Davis, Mary Montague, Robert Rice, and Kathy Cote.

III.                 INTRODUCTIONS

IV.                 NEW BUSINESS

·          Robert Rice discussed the ICC Code Hearings in Minneapolis.  Dale Bohannan, Derek Zwagerman, and Robert Rice attended these hearings.  Kraig Stevenson won ICC staff of year award.  Shared three code proposals got adopted such as balloon framing and truss blocking.  The upcoming Building Safety Journal magazine will feature ‘When is Roof Eave Blocking Required’ that Robert Rice co-authored. Mandatory residential sprinklers passed with a 73% approval.  It will be in the 2009 code change effective 2011. Robert plans to draft a letter to this group in reference to the practice of these hearings. They are discussing next year’s Annual Business Meeting and Code Meeting in Baltimore being held during the same time. ICC indicated Guy Sperb’s ‘Building an Effective Public Outreach Booth’ is the premier outreach program in all of ICC.

·          Robert attended the Fire Marshall Roundtable in Portland.  Discussed the new exemption for occupancy use that increase with more exits. Dale Bohannan indicated he has been asked to be a presenter on occupancy for the 2009 Albany Fire Marshal Roundtable.

·          OBOA quarterly update given by Robert Rice.  LP containers were discussed who does the inspections and Andrea Simmons talked about sustainable and green buildings including electric car charging stations.  Mike Broomfield stated that City of Ashland has been discussing a pilot program.  Michael Mortor requested that should we see any to notify him or Andrea.

·          Robert Rice discussed agricultural pole buildings and the need for engineering.  Douglas County has a plan on their website.  Suggested the chapter look into getting something that we could all use.  Dave Bassett recommended contacting Mike Johnson in Grants Pass.  Tabled for discussion in the future.

·          Dale Bohannan thanked all that attended the third local roundtable of the Home Builders Association.

·          Michael Morter shared that the State standards for sprinklers was up to local jurisdictions to adopt.

·          Jared Murray and Bernie Gordon from Spring Air talked about the effects of rain water on ducting and shared a proposal they feel would be a way to eliminate this. They asked for our consideration and opinion on their proposal.

·          Dave Fisse shared that gray water can only be used inside for toilets.  Department of Environmental Quality doesn’t allow it for irrigation.


V.                   OLD BUSINESS

·        Thank you letter was received from Oregon Chapter Internal Associate of Arsons Investigation for the $200.00 donation.

·        Robert Rice shared that our Photo voltaic guidelines draft still needs reviewed. Still need to add diagrams.  They are working to have this ready for our next meeting.

·        Michael Morter indicated there is an IEBC Webinar class on November 12 & 13, 2008.  Number of attendees is limited.  This class will be archived and available within 24 hours. Notify them if you have multiple staff attending from one computer.

·        Michael Morter discussed the eBuildingPermits. They had the kick off and business meeting. Working on setting up individual meetings at jurisdictions. Discussed a ½ day forum for our region in December with a followup for construction stockholders.  Jurisdictions need to complete the Letter of Interest.  Discussion of chapter sponsoring this.  Motion to approve by Dale Bohannan, Chris Reising seconded, all approved.

VI.                 OPEN DISCUSSION –

·          Future business Robert Rice suggested we form a committee on code issues that we would propose and bring to the chapter.

·          Robert Rice brought up ASCE-07 on anchorage to concrete or masonry walls.

·          Michael Morter informed us they are working on a green building for solar code and they have a request for proposal on this. 

VII.               NEXT MEETING

·         Next meeting December 5, Jackson County Library, Medford

Meeting adjourned at 1:38 p.m.                                                                                                                              Minutes provided by Kathy Cote