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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, January 30, 2009




Friday, January 30, 2009

 Seven Feathers, Canyonville

12 noon

  I.            CALL TO ORDER

The general meeting was called to order at 12:06 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.


II.                   Members present:  Dale Bohannan, Lois DeBenedetti, Michael Morter, Jerry Schaeffer, Kamron Ismaili, Michelle Stevens, Dave Placido, Marc Mitchell, Chad Wiltrout, Charles Chase, Nannette Chase, Tom Venzon, Audra Wonsyld, Kevin Ferguson, Tom Marineau, Dave Bassett, Tom Rogers, Paul D. Allen, William D. Lomica, Todd Meador, Kathy Cote, Mary Montague, Robert Rice, Christy Davis, Roger Waechter, Clay Jordan, Ed Wood, Mike Grubbs, Guest.

III.                 INTRODUCTION

IV.                 APPROVAL OF AGENDA

Robert Rice asked if anybody had items to add to agenda even though they didn’t have a handout of the agenda yet.  Michelle Stevens had Fire Marshall items, Dave Bassett added IAS and Michael Morter had a couple of items to add.

V.                   APPROVAL OF MINUTES

Postponed until next meeting.


VI.                 NEW BUSINESS

·          Robert Rice informed us they are starting on the ICC code changes for the 2010 supplement codes.  Anyone interested in code changes should notify Robert.  We can propose them as a chapter or work in conjunction with OBOA.  Robert brought up changes he felt are needed such as 1) the exterior deck footing needing to be 12 inches below grade and how mild climate may not always need it this deep, 2) ICF details – may work with APA and others to make some changes, and 3) basement wall needs to be supported at top but not how.  Oregon removed the tables and charts so engineering is necessary.  ICC changes due April 24, 2009.  Oregon will soon be working on 2009 IBC to adopt for 2010 Oregon Structural Specialty Code.

·          Robert Rice, Dave Bassett and Homebuilders have discussed how the economy and downturn is worse. Layoffs and cutbacks not the answer.  We should be promoting positive attitudes to let the public know now is the time to build with costs down and labor available. Robert shared an e-mail from Dennis Richardson about economic downturn and possible tax breaks for the public to help turn this around. Robert will send out this e-mail to all members.

·          Robert Rice informed us that the Final Action Hearings for the ICC Code Changes will be in Portland in May 2010.  We should think about sponsoring a social event.  Robert will look into costs. Also talking with OBOA about the ThinkPermit Booth that we could assist with during the event.

·          OBOA update from Robert Rice. BCD has a lot going on now.  In the Business Safety Journal has an article by Robert Wible ‘Keeping Building Departments Ahead of the Curve’. Working on a Strategic Plan which includes outreach and enhancement of building officials.

·          Treasurer report by Christy Davis.  Currently we have a balance of $37,379.00. This includes the 1% training monies ($5,600) we received from OBOA for co-sponsoring classes.  The education committee is working on 2009 classes.  Asked whether the chapter is interested in sponsoring an electrical one/two family cross training class by Michael Grubbs.  Mike Grubbs indicated this promotes inspectors to be multiple certified. Attendees would need an OIC and one other certification. Class would cover Administrative Rules & Statutes, theories and codes for about six months twice a week. Maximum attendees would be 8 due to state mandate.  Should chapter be interested Christy will apply to the state for approval using current code with class to begin April 1st. Cost for program $10,000 to $12,000 request for chapter to donate cost. Motion to approve Christy to contact state to receive approval for class, Dale Bohannon seconded, so moved.  Will have more information next meeting concerning cost.  Monies we receive are about 90% from education and 10% membership dues.   Financial support from the chapter will be brought up at a future meeting.

·          Christy Davis suggested that the chapter return $1,000 to OBOA for outreach and promote training. Dave Bassett said how outreach is important and hard for jurisdiction to do it.  Robert Rice states OBOA meetings center on outreach and training.  Dale Bohannon stated outreach monies should be for local areas. Robert Rice indicated we should do a local outreach here but that it is beneficial to support outreach with OBOA as well. Dave Bassett motioned the executive committee discuss this and bring back to the members.  Dale Bohannon seconded, all approved, so moved. 

·          Christy Davis stated this is her last year with the education committee. Anybody interested should contact her.

·          Michelle Stevens ask the chapter to sponsor and invited us all to the Fire Marshall event in Albany 1st week in May.  Dale Bohannon is presenting a code class on allowable area and occupancy. Charlie Chase is doing a code bowl. Send any ideas for the code bowl to Dale Bohannon. Motion by Dave Bassett to contribute $300.00 to this event, seconded by Lois DeBenedetti, all approved, so moved.

·          Mary Montague informed us that the Math Counts is February 21 at North Medford High School. They have approximately 60 participants. We have donated $100.00 to this program in the past.  Motion by Dale Bohannon to donate $100.00, Ed Wood seconded, all approved, so moved.

·          Michael Morter shared that the state is looking at a solar code so this Photovoltaic guide will be helpful.  Legislature is in session. Items of interest for us is with the boiler program, climate changes for year 2030 that would have zero emissions from the building including an energy certificate to rate the building. A separate workgroup for energy. 

·          Michael Morter informed us that BCD is also reducing staff mostly inspectors.

·          Michael Morter added that the newsletter on local building department directory is being set up for us to make direct changes.  Online training notification in two/three weeks–check the newsletter.



·        Robert Rice has talked with the Oregon State University Agric Extension Group who is interested in doing the pole barns and carport plans. Robert will talk with them more.  Maybe we and OBOA could help with funding the project.  E-mail committee members (Chris Reising, Jeff Pattschull, Hugh Fechtler  or Robert Rice) with any comments.

·        Draft Photovoltaic handed out.  Mary Montague discussed some changes including concerns on placement on existing roof structures and land use.  Robert suggested the contractor include the roof span and size to determine load. Robert stated this would be e-mailed out so jurisdictions could make changes. Robert gave special thanks to Mike and Mary for completing this guide. Motion to approve this guide by Ed Wood, seconded by Tom Marineau, all approved, so moved.

·        Dave Bassett discussed the IAS accreditation. He is discussing with ICC on a three step program. Due to the expense jurisdictions are unable to proceed.  Michael Morter shared the certification through the state is no longer proceeding.

·        Dave Bassett has left BCD and is doing outreach for EGR. EGR would like to reach out to other engineering firms.



·          Residential Specialty Code Interim Amendments were handed out.

·          Robert Rice notified us that ICC will no longer be publishing the Business Safety Journal. The Building Valuation Data that is used in the fee methodology will be available on line.  Robert’s article “When is Roof Eave Blocking Required’ will be in the ‘Wood Design Focus’ Magazine.

·          Charlie Chase notified us that the ‘Gated Wye’ publication is also looking for articles so this would be a good source to send articles that would be helpful to the fire department personnel. Charlie indicated that he is seeing new structures just completed don’t have the required fire extinguishers.  Dale Bohannon suggested that we invite the Fire Marshall during our final inspections.

·          Michael Grubb notified us of an electrical grounding class that is being held this Saturday at the Jackson County Justice Building.

IX.                 NEXT MEETING

·         Next meeting February 27,  JJ North’s Country Buffet, Grants Pass

Meeting adjourned at 1:36 .m.                                                                                                                             Minutes provided by Kathy Cote