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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, February 27, 2009




Friday, February 27, 2009

 JJ North’s Country Buffet, Grants Pass

12 noon

  I.            CALL TO ORDER

The general meeting was called to order at 12:21 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.


II.                Members present:  Rex Turner, Mike Grubbs,  Hank Eckardt, Dale Bohannan, Audra Wonsyld, Tom Venzon, Steve Lampert, Sally Maloney, Nannette Chase, Charlie Chase, Chad Wiltrout, Ken Sandlin, Tom Marineau, Roger Haydon, Karen Zimmer, Jeff Pattschull, Mary Montague, Robert Rice and Kathy Cote



Robert Rice asked if there were any additions or revisions to the agenda.

           Added OFMA meeting in May with an OIC class under New Business.

Motion to approve agenda as amended made by Charlie Chase, seconded by Dale Bohannan; so approved.

V.                 APPROVAL OF MINUTES

December 5, 2008 minutes. Motion to approve minutes as written by Dale Bohannan, seconded by Rex Turner; so approved.

January 30, 2009 minutes. Motion to approve minutes as written by Dale Bohannan, seconded by Rex Turner; so approved.



·         Robert Rice updated us on the pole barns and carport plans. Working with Oregon State University Agricultural and Engineering group to have a pre-approved engineered plan. Robert e‑mailed an excel sheet to calculate posts embedded in the ground for members to review.

·         Robert Rice talked about the ICC final action hearing in May 2010. Actual location continues to be discussed, may be in Portland OR. ICC will notify us then we should consider sponsoring & hosting events. We will need costs and how to set these up.  Only government members will vote on final actions. Dale Bohannon stated these are the most educational and interesting events he has done as a Building Official. Robert Rice added you receive ICC continue education credits but not Oregon.

·         Mike Grubbs discussed the upcoming Electrical Cross training. Working on updating to the current code. Class to begin May or June 1 for 6 to 7 months, twice a week, 120 hours. Class is not easy and will cover electrical safety. Be sure to notify Christy Davis if interested in attending.

·         Robert Rice stated the Executive Board was asked to discuss whether we should donate monies back to OBOA. We are proposing that the chapter donate $1,000 to OBOA to the ThinkPermit program for education. Robert added that the Chapter should do local outreach such as signs on buses. Grants Pass buses are available at no cost to us with the printing of a 21 x 60 sign around $165.00. Chapter could make up signs for materials that jurisdictions could use. Jurisdictions need to look into uses.  Motion to donate $1,000 to OBOA made by Rex Turner, seconded by Charlie Chase, vote one member disapproved without further discussion; so approved by two-thirds vote. Dale Bohannan volunteered to look into local options for advertising. Charlie Chase will provide information on Fire Prevention website and GatedWye as places to use.  Robert Rice added with Business Safety Week and Homeshow near these would be good places for education. Also ICC has BSW kits with handouts and CD information for radio & TV sites for $65.00.

·         Robert Rice informed us the Josephine County Homeshow is near and will be looking for volunteers.





·         Robert Rice informed us that ICC is proposing changes to their bylaws which includes who can sponsor and who is governmental members. These changes will be voted on during the Baltimore Business Meeting.  ICC code process is changing so the Annual Business Meeting will be in the middle of the code hearings. This is to provide a better opportunity for members to attend the Annual Business Meeting.

·         Kathy Cote shared that there is a FEMA training on March 13 at no cost. Notify Kathy if you plan to attend and have any specific floodplain questions.

·         Mary Montague indicated there is a Green Building Class March 31. Chapter is providing lunch for class in Medford. Class is no fee to government agencies, there is a cost to others. You need to register on line. Continuing education credits will be given.

·         Robert Rice introduced our special guest, Karen Zimmer from the Home Builders Association.

·         Robert Rice talked about Title II and III funding that Josephine County is applying for that deals with post earthquake although the deadline is Monday. Josephine County has bags with equipment for when there is an earthquake and looking at funding for other things like training.  Also looking into entering Intergovernmental Agreements for helping other jurisdictions after an earthquake.

·         Robert Rice questioned whether we want to propose a code change concerning the deck requirement of 12 inches below grade. Maybe have an approval of building official when area may not warrant this depth. Tom Marineau disagreed and indicated that the deck can move no manner whether it was attached or detached. Topic is on the website and would like comments posted there or contact Robert Rice directly.

·         Charlie Chase notified us there will be an OIC Class during the OFMA training in May. The state protector test will be offered immediately after taking the class. Suggestion made to have this class the day of the code bowl.



·         Mike Grubbs stated that the PhotoVoltaic Guide is complete for jurisdictions to use. Reviewed the guide for any questions.

·         Robert Rice asked we notify our contractors, engineers, architects and designers that our meeting on March 27 will feature Dave Gowers who will talk about concrete, CMU, and ICF walls.

·         Robert Rice added we will have two classes in April. On April 8 will be on gravity loads and April 9 will be on lateral/irregular structures.


IX.              NEXT MEETING

·         Next meeting March 27, Medford Community Justice Building

Meeting adjourned at 1:25 p.m.                              Minutes provided by Kathy Cote