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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, July 24, 2009




Friday, July 24, 2009

 Community Justice Building, Medford, Oregon

12 noon

  I.            CALL TO ORDER

The general meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.


II.                   Members present:  Jeff Pattschull, Chad Wiltrout, Gabrielle Schiffer, Steve Riedy, Charles Chase, Mike Broomfield, Rex Turner, David Fisse, Jerry Peterson, Travis Wright, Aaron Yuma, Dale Bohannan, Robert Rice, Mary Montague, Mike Thropp, Hugh Holden.

III.                 INTRODUCTION

IV.                 APPROVAL OF AGENDA

Robert Rice asked if anybody had items to add to agenda.  Items added under open discussion; Yurts and Smoking Shelters. Dale Bohannon moved to approve the Agenda.  All approved.

V.                   APPROVAL OF MINUTES

Motion to approve minutes as written made by Rex Turner, seconded by Dale Bohannan, all approved, so carried.



        Rex didnt get an email about the ABM will forward him that information. Discussed the ABM and speakers; will be John Darnell, ICC Board Liasion; Kraig Stevenson, Staff Liaison, ICC Washington Field Office;Bill Cross, OBOA Executive Director; Pat Allen, BCD Administrator

        Charles Chase, Dale Bohannon and Mike Broomfield was appointed to be on the nominating committee for upcoming officers.


VII.               NEW BUSINESS

          Gabrielle from BCD sat in for Michael Morter and gave an update. Drain plain is in discussion with Pat and Homebuilders. It was purposed as a mid-cycle code change. BCD is talking a solar code for Oregon, probably out at least a year, is on the front burners. They are seeking feedback, what are the issues and what to cover in it. E-mail Gabrielle at The code will be limited to PV installations. Oregon Solar Insustry Assoc  (new) working towards renewable energy. NEC690 Solar PV Systems; working on Electrical connections for cars, need B.O.s support; will be code development committee 1st of August and hope to have something done by the end of 2010. Looking at adopting ICC format Chapter 13. The Oregon Comm. Inf. Advisory Comm. are working on purposed changes to the 2009 ICC for Oregon Code Changes. Should see accessibility updates, electric vehicle charging (ODOT) Dept. of Energy has a $15 million dollar grant, application waiting. City of Ashland has signed on, they are focusing on the Portland/metro area and I-5 corridor including Eugene & Salem. Discussed listing components & will try to foresee problems. There are currently 400 registered electric vehicles in Oregon. A lot of changes need to be made. Houston, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago and a few others are trying to be the first city to supply electric vehicles and regulate codes to allow & support garages to provide services. Discussed issues. There are 3 levels.

          House Bill 2080 passed regarding gray water use/DEQ for irrigation See website fact sheet. Forsee a 2 year rulemaking. Ductless heat pumps & LEDs coming to be more efficient and not as expensive.

          Robert handed out information he brought back from OBOA conference; he gave us an overview and handed out a booklet with valuable information. Rex said we maybe should incorporate with the BO Handbook. Talked about Stacey Warren , health care facilitites who receive federal dollars if they need to comply with NFPA 101. They should be informed there are other things to cover. Send to Fire for Fire Codes, etc. Dave Frohnmayer spoke. Recap of OBOA speakers. Discussed E-permitting , some systems up 3-4 jurisdictions as a group & trial maybe up & running in  1 year. Went over some of the House Bills.

          Letters from scholarship recipients Adam Corman and Jedediah Marinak were passed out.



          Smoking Shelters There seem to be 2 sets of standards to meet; the building codes vs. Dept of Human Services. There are some conflicts. Will put on agenda for next month, Rex will put together some of the points and issues and we will have a discussion on smoking shelters.

          Yurts seem to be raising some issues with fire code. Its a lodging house if fits less than 5 residential code. Aaron noted interpretive ruling only allowed Yurts in state parks. Issue is at private cabins or yurts. Intent to state parks cannot be lived in. If can, find a way it would be assured alternate method guarantee not be lived in & use is only for a few days.


IX.                 NEXT MEETING

         Next meeting ABM, August 28 at Applegate River Lodge, Applegate, Oregon


Meeting adjourned at 1:30 p.m.                                                                                              Minutes provided by Mary Montague