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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, August 28, 2009




Friday, August 28, 2009

 Annual Business Meeting, Applegate River Lodge

7 p.m.


  I.            CALL TO ORDER

The general meeting was called to order at 7:08 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.


II.                Members present:  Patrick Allen, Dave Bassett, Dale and Debbie Bohannan, Charlie and Nannette Chase, Kathy Cote, Bill Cross, John and Betsy Darnell, Pat and Lois DeBenedetti, Hank and Sally Eckardt, David Fisse and Mary, Rick Freidman and guest, Todd Meador, Marc Mitchell, Jeff Pattschull, Chris and Sharon Reising, Robert Rice and Lisa, Kraig Stevenson, Robert Taylor, Rex and Cheryl Turner, Tony and Christy West.



Robert Rice asked if anybody had items to add to agenda.  Dave Bassett motioned to approve agenda, Chris Reising seconded, all approved

V.                 APPROVAL OF MINUTES

Charlie Chase motioned to approve July 24, 2009 minutes as written, Dale Bohannan seconded, all approved, so carried.


Robert shared what an honor it has been to be the President of this organization and be a part of what we do. There is so much history in this organization.  Being passionate and unbiased in providing building safety to the citizens where you live including helping them through the process.  We need to continue our involvement with the local, State and National scene. Robert shared the value in taking part of the ICC Code Hearings.  This year the code hearings are in Baltimore during October/November. There are about 2000 code proposals that are posted on the ICC website. One proposal is to reduce the guard spacing to 2½ inches. Each of us has an opportunity to make a change.  Even though he will not be President next year he will continue involvement in our meetings.


·        Patrick Allen, Acting Administrator, Oregon Building Codes Division (BCD) shared changes with BCD in the last four months. Mark Long is now with Department of Energy. Andrea Simmons recently moved to Department of Energy. Aeron Teverbaugh is now working with development of a reach code and other issues related to improving the energy efficiency of buildings in Oregon. Even with this loss of 30 years of experience it offers good opportunity to make new relationships with Building Officials and others. Their budget revenue even with the staff layoffs in January, appear to be stabilizing. They are seeing changes in the last two years how code process is completed. Legislators are creating bills due to the public interest instead of going through the code hearings that include the industry. Update on House Bill 3462 – BCD is in the early stage of the process for B-level certification for inspectors, then will include Building Officials. Target certification renewal by end of year or June 2010.

·        Kraig Stevenson, State & Local Governmental Relations, International Code Council. Kraig handed out ICC Certification Renewal form clarifying items #1, #8 and #9. Item #1 programs and/or classes such as those put on by structural agencies, AIA, BCD and ASTM can be counted. Item #8 provides your time as a Board member with this organization to the listed. Item #9 would include your time during your job such as staff meeting discussing code issues/training or outreach programs. Kraig discussed the Community Building Code Administration Grant asking that we write individually and as an organization to our Senators for them to support the dedicated funds for code enforcement agencies. Another item is the International Green Construction Code (IGCC).  ICC is in the pre-draft stages for a Green code for commercial and high performance type construction. See ICC website for information ( Proposing first draft completion by March 15. 

·        John Darnell, ICC Board of Directors and SOC-ICC Chapter Liaison. We need to work at keeping code changes at the technical level and not through the Legislator. ICC code hearings in Baltimore this year is 18 days with the annual meeting in the middle. Business meeting will have bi-laws change including policy changes for chapters. Some changes are to address issues raised during last year’s meeting. Suggests that you really review these changes-includes who can designate another person to vote.  ICC is working to develop a swimming pool code that jurisdictions could adopt.  ICC is working to better the relationships with chapters.  A committee is studying this to include the relationship both directions.  ICC sent out a survey and would like you all to review and send back.  We continue to watch any federal bills.  John asked as an individual and as an organization to write a letter of support for the Community Building Code Administration Grant.  John presented Robert Rice with an ICC President pin. Past Presidents pins were given to Chris Reising, Lois DeBenedetti, Dale Bohannan and Dave Bassett.

·        Robert shared that there are six code proposals for the ICC code hearings in Baltimore.  They are posted on Josephine County website to review and make comments ( Be involved, attend the ICC Code Hearings and see how codes are adopted.

·        Bill Cross, Executive Director, OBOA. Bill handed out OBOA’s Strategic Plan for 2009-2012.  Mission statement to promote safe and sustainable buildings by supporting and enhancing the efforts of building officials in partnership with their communities. Reminder OBOA is offering a training for five (5) hours in Portland for past and current employees on resume writing and job interviews in September. Depending on the response this class may be offered in other locations. 




·        Dave Bassett shared some history including activities held here at the Applegate River Lodge.


Robert thanked all the speakers

Meeting adjourned at 8:45 p.m.                                                            Minutes provided by Kathy Cote