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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, December 04, 2009




Friday, December 4, 2009

 Jackson County Community Justice Building, Medford

12 Noon




  I.        CALL TO ORDER

The general meeting was called to order at 12:14 p.m. by Robert Rice, President.


II.                Members present:  Travis Wright, Christy West, Dale Bohannan, Rex Turner, Aaron Yuma, Dave Bassett, Michael Morter, Ted Zuk, Hank Eckardt, Todd Meador, Chad Wiltrout, Ken Sandlin, Mike Grubbs, Hugh Holden, Don Hickman, Tom Venzon, Audra Wonsyld, Michael Terry, Tim Price, Todd Brooks, Jeff Pattschull, Ron Frick, Charles Chase, Robert Rice, Mary Montague, and Kathy Cote.



Robert Rice asked if anybody had any other items to add to agenda.  Charles Chase motioned to approve agenda, Dale Bohannan seconded, all approved.

V.                 APPROVAL OF MINUTES

October minutes postponed until next meeting


           Before presenting the nominations for board members Dale Bohannan thanked the outgoing board members. Then stated that the nominating committee recommends Mary Montague for President, Rex Turner for Vice President, Jeff Pattschull for Secretary and Audra Wonsyld for Treasurer. No nominations were made from the floor.  Charles Chase motioned to close nominations, Aaron Yuma seconded, all approved.  Dave Bassett motioned to have one vote for all officers. Dale Bohannan seconded, motion carried. Vote approved all nominated officers which duties will start January, 2010. Robert Rice stated he appreciated the opportunity and honor to be an officer and member for the past years.  Dave Bassett shared that Robert Rice will be the Immediate Past President.

           Mary Montague talked about ThinkPermit. We now have a membership with ThinkPermit which provides us with promotional items. Jurisdictions that are members with us can access the ThinkPermit website.  Contact Mary for password and code.

           Mary Montague shared that she has been looking at updating our website which will include information on ThinkPermit.


        Michael Morter has several Building Codes Division (BCD) updates. 1) Andrea Fogue is now the green building services manager.   2) Oregon based energy code is moving forward but will not meet the April 1st time frame.  3) The Energy Performance Score (EPS) is forming a work group that BCD will be watching but itís not really a code issue.  4) E-permitting is moving forward.  Springfield will be the first by late summer 2010.  Also have been working with fourteen jurisdictions that can be set up with same common ways of doing business and have no migration of past permits something in January. 5) BCD has requested emergency contact number when disaster occurs.  Dave Bassett questioned the ACT20 for earthquake and ACT45 for flood lists.  Michael added that these lists have not been updated.  Robert Rice asked which members have these certifications and suggested that we offer these classes in the future.  Robert Rice shared that Josephine County has kits set up for staff to use when an emergency like these happens.  Charles Chase added that we should include OSP and fire staff so we can coordinate how this would work.

        Robert Rice attended the ICC Code Hearings.  They had 2000 code change proposals.  Ron Lynn is the President of ICC and John Darnell is our ICC Board of Directors Liaison.

        Robert Rice provided an update on Oregonís Solar Energy Code.  It will be one document of prescriptive requirements for structural and electrical codes on solar installations. Subcommittees are working on administration and structural (renamed installations) portion now then will go back to the full committee and to public for input.  Robert encourages us to review the draft on line and provide comments to him.

        Mary Montague discussed ICC Chapter Rewards program.  We submit a document to ICC on past years events that earned us points.  This yearís points allowed us to purchased two additional registrations for board members to ICC ABM/Code Hearings in 2010 and one webinar class.

        Robert Rice shared that Mike Broomfield has retired from Ashland.  Ken Sandlin suggested that we do something as a Chapter for Mikeís involvement.  We will discuss this further at the January 2010 meeting.


        Dale Bohannan notified us that Rogue Community College and the Local Job Council will be offering Ĺ day trainings in the Spring.

        Charles Chase offered thanks for our contribution to Douglas Countyís Fire Prevention activity in Roseburg.   Charles also shared that he knows this lady that has been involved in challenges with fire alarm/notification systems in structures for blind and hearing impaired that would be willing to provide a training.

        Jeff Pattschull asked for a discussion on how others were dealing with the heating equipment meeting the energy requirements.


Meeting adjourned at 1:24 p.m.                                                                                                              Minutes provided by Kathy Cote