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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, January 22, 2010

SOUTHERN OREGON CHAPTER INTERNATIONAL CODE COUNCIL MINUTES Friday, January 22, 2010 JJ North’s Country Buffet, Grants Pass 12 Noon I. CALL TO ORDER The general meeting was called to order at 12:10 p.m. by Robert Rice, President. II. Members present: Rex Turner, Dale Bohannan, Michael Morter, Lauralee Gray, Marc Mitchell, Chris Reising, Hank Eckardt, Rick Friedman, Mike Thrapp, Ted Zuk, Nannette Chase, Jerry Schaeffer, Michelle Stevens, Charles Chase, Audra Wonsyld, Sally Maloney, Larry Plew, Tom Venzon, Kevin Ferguson, Jeff Pattschull, Chad Wiltrout, Tom Marineau, Dave Bassett, Dwight Ellis, Chris Lyman, Karen Zimmer, Ken Sandlin, Kathy Cote, Michael Terry, Mary Montague, Robert Rice III. INTRODUCTION IV. APPROVAL OF AGENDA Robert Rice asked if anybody had any items to add to agenda. Robert added BCD update, an overview of educational classes and emergency operating procedures. Dale Bohannan motioned to approve agenda, Rex Turner seconded, all approved. V. APPROVAL OF MINUTES Rex Turner motioned to approve December 4, 2009 minutes as written, Dale Bohannan seconded, all approved, so carried VI. NEW BUSINESS • Robert Rice stated there are lots of ICC code changes. ICC is working on streamlining and will separate them. Some reviewed at the Dallas meeting in May and the remainder at the ABM in Charlotte. See ICC website for code changes. • Robert Rice is on the Oregon Solar Energy Code (OSEC) subcommittee. Subcommittees are working on administration and structural (renamed installations) portion now. Robert encourages us to review the draft on line and provide comments to him – see BCD website. OSEC is for prescriptive code on roof type solar and will cover about 80% of installations to eliminate the need for engineering or plan review. Michael Morter shared there will not be a new board for Solar Energy but handled through an existing board or through policy. Robert Rice added that the Oregon Solar Energy Code will be the first in the nation. • Mary Montague brought up how we have made a donation in the past to mathcounts. Chris Reising explained that mathcounts is a Junior High School students’ competition in February. Donations assist with the costs. Chris Reising motioned to donate $100, Dave Bassett seconded, all approved. • Mary Montague provided SOC-ICC pens for jurisdictions to hand out to our customers. They include SOC-ICC’s website. • Mary Montague updated us on SOC-ICC website. They received approval for the SSL key which will allow payment on-line. Registration forms for membership are available on-line. Mary encourages all to subscribe to the website. This will provide the board members access to mail out items directly. The website is going to be redesigned. Be sure to notify Mary if you have any issues or suggestions. • Robert Rice discussed that we might want to change our by-laws to have officer installation at the Annual Business Meeting instead of January. Dave Bassett shared that we have just done our new officer installation in January. An idea for future meetings since our last ABM we had representatives from ICC, OBOA and BCD. Might be more appropriate at the Annual Business Meeting. • Michael Morter provided a BCD update. 1) As we know the structural code is being delayed. The code books will be available April 1st. The draft in on-line now. 2) The legislator in February will be dealing with Radon. This will be in the residential code for new construction covering seven (7) counties; none in Southern Oregon. 3) Policy section is fully staff. Trevor Johnson is our contact. • Mary Montague provided a handout on proposed upcoming classes. Please notify Mary with information for future speakers. • Mary Montague shared information on an upcoming class – Building Better Homes on February 1 in Medford. This is not sponsored by SOC-ICC. Space is limited. • Mary Montague indicated that the April meeting in Canyonville will be held at Truck and Travel Center – across the freeway from the Casino. • Mary Montague presented a plaque to Robert Rice for his time as president, and the parade of president which lists all of SOC-ICC presidents since 1969. Robert thanked the group for the opportunity, experience and honor. VII. UNFINISHED BUSINESS • Installation of Officers was made by Dwight Ellis, Josephine County Commissioner to Jeff Pattschull for Secretary and Audra Wonsyld for Treasurer. Dave Bassett installed Mary Montague for President and Rex Turner as Vice President. Dave Bassett shared that Mary is the third female SOC-ICC President. VIII. OPEN DISCUSSION • Charlie Chase discussed for Wildland fires SOC-ICC provided funds in the past for Oregon Department of Forestry to purchase two video cameras which are still in use. Charlie asked that we consider providing funds (approx. $199) to purchase a motion sensory video camera for the Fire Marshall’s office. This amount may be a little more to include shipping costs. Dale Bohannan talked about our mission statement; we are a non-profit organization and have funds that we should support this. Motion by Ken Sandlin to purchase the video camera, Chris Reising seconded. Dale Bohannan revised to purchase two cameras. Dale Bohannan amended the motion for Charlie Chase to purchase two video cameras, Chad Wiltrout seconded, approved, so carried. Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m. Minutes provided by Kathy Cote