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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, July 30, 2010




Friday, July 30, 2010

 Community Justice Building, Medford

12 Noon




  I.        CALL TO ORDER

The general meeting was called to order at 12:20 p.m. by Mary Montague, President.


II.                Members present:  Charlie Chase, Rex Turner, Dale Bohannan, Christy West, Kathy Cote, Chris Reising, Robert Rice, David Fisse, Todd Meador, Ken Sandlin, Audra Wonsyld, and Mary Montague.



Mary Montague added under new business – By laws would be 1st reading and news article with RCC Foundation, Education Chair, August 17 class, State Homebuilders Meeting at end.  Motion to approve agenda with additions made by Robert Rice, seconded by Dale Bohannan.   All approved.

V.                 APPROVAL OF MINUTES

Motion to approve minutes made by Chris Reising, seconded by Ken Sandlin.  Robert Rice added that he enjoyed the presentation made by Jim Swink.  All approved.


·           Registration for the ABM August 27 meeting at Applegate River Lodge should be available next week.  Michael Morter will be there, possibly Bill Cross, ICC John Darnell is unavailable, unsure whether anybody with ICC will attend.  Suggestion made to invite Tom Phillips and Patrick Allen even if not as a speaker.  Robert Rice suggested that we have part of the meeting or speakers before dinner then continue the meeting after dinner.


·        Proposed By-Law changes 1st reading were discussed.  Ken Sandlin motioned to approve changes in 9.1, Chris Reising seconded.  Discussion to make changes. Motion amended to add ‘At the discretion of the Executive Board’ made by Rex Turner, Christy West seconded.  Ken Sandlin amended his original motion to this language.  All approved.  Discussion on changes in 3.1.1. Motion made by Rex Turner and seconded by Charlie Chase to delete the last sentence.  After further discussion Rex Turner amended the motion to include removing ‘department or agency’, Charlie Chase seconded.  After further discussion the motions were withdrawn. Motion to not use the proposed new wording but to add only ‘or contracted’ in the first sentence after ‘employed’.  Motion to approve this change only was made by Robert Rice, seconded by Rex Turner, all approved. Will present at next meeting.

·        Mary Montague notified us that Robert Rice had an article in the newspaper which shared his involvement with the first solar code and OBOA awarded him Building Official of year. Congratulations to Robert.

·        Robert Rice provided an update on OBOA. Discussed ICC approval on the ‘membrane’ on underneath side of the floor framing – fire protection of floors R501.3.  BCD is reviewing this for the 2011 code.  Robert has questions on this and wants our comments.  BCD will be discussing this at the August 10 meeting.

·        Rex Turner discussed where the committee is on HB3462 phase II. Four Specialized Inspector Certifications are being discussed.  Where residential electrical or plumbing inspectors could do small commercial inspections. Still working on what will consist of the training portion.  Hoping to have some part available first part of next year.  Robert Rice thanked Rex for all of his involvement in the process.

·        Mary Montague informed us that ICC will be in Portland in 2012.  They asked local chapters to serve as the host of the event.  Robert Rice stated that OBOA may be working to get the chapters together on this. From the last ICC conference the group provides you with $15,000 to $20,000 to host the event.  What you recoup is then given to next group for the following year.

·        Mary Montague shared that the RCC Foundation has included our name in their book for scholarships.  The students (Christopher Evans, and Robyn Martin) sent a thank you letter for scholarships they received from our organization.

·        Mary Montague notified us that Christy West will stepping down from the Education Chair this year.  We will be looking for somebody to take over.

·        August 17 Dale Bohannan will offer a ½ day class at RCC.  Information will be sent out.

·        Dale Bohannan discussed that the Homebuilders are working on items like concerns with fire sprinklers.  Working with OBOA and fire staff on solutions.  Robert Rice suggested to work together to get the information out to the public to get owners to install fire sprinklers voluntary.


·        Charlie Chase shared that Dan Jones in Salem is our new contact for Health Care facilities. Michelle Stevens was preciously doing these.

·        Charlie indicated that the camera’s which the chapter provided are both installed in trees and are working well.

·        Charlie suggested that in the fall we meet with OSHA to discuss exit areas and how the building codes look at them differently than they do.


Meeting adjourned at 1:55 p.m.                                                                                                              Minutes provided by Kathy Cote