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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, August 24, 2012

Annual Business Meeting
Friday, August 24, 2012
Taprock NW Grill, Grants Pass, OR
7:00 P.M.
  • Chapter President, Mary Montague, called the meeting to order at 7:09 P.M.
  • Introductions were made. Guest speakers were Michael Morter, BCD Regional Representative and Kraig Stevenson, ICC Staff Liaison and Senior Regional Manager.
  • Members in attendance:  Mary Montague, Charles Chase, Audra Wonsyld, Michael Grubbs, Robert Rice, Tom Venzon, Dale Bohannan, Nannette Chase, Ken Sandlin, Michael Morter, Ted Zuk, Todd Meador, Greg Seger, Kurt Bolser, Dave Bassett, Lynda Wolf, and Michael Rokus.

  • Robert Rice made a suggestion to move the officer installment to the end of the agenda, after the guest speaker. Dave Bassett invited the membership to hold a meeting in Brookings in September. There was discussion on the best time to schedule a meeting in Brookings. Robert Rice made a motion to approve the agenda with the additions of moving the officer installments after the guest speakers’ presentations and discussion regarding holding an annual meeting at the coast.  Dale Bohannan seconded the motion. Motion carried.

  • Dale Bohannan made a motion to approve the July minutes as presented and Michael Grubbs seconded the motion. Motion carried.

  • Mary Montague welcomed members and their guests to the annual business meeting. She thanked  the guest speakers, Kraig Stevenson and Michael Morter, for traveling down from Washington and Portland to attend. Mary also thanked the members for their participation and support during her term as president. She spoke briefly about the upcoming class that will be offered by SOC ICC on wall bracing. The OBOA Winter Institute in Portland will also offer classes in wall bracing but for different seismic requirements than those for Southern Oregon.
  • Mary Montague handed out ICC ABM registration certificates to the incoming officers. All officers plan to attend the 2012 ICC ABM this October in Portland.
  • Drawings for two ICC ABM registration certificates were held. The winners were Michael Rokus and Dale Bohannan.

  • BCD Update - Michael Morter gave a presentation on ‘Moving Forward’, an overview of the Oregon Building Code: 1970s – the beginning of the state-wide code; 1980s – the lost construction decade; 1990s – the growth decade; the 2000s – the split decade. Michael spoke about the tentative code adoption timeline; 2014 is the effective date. Michael talked about issues impacting uniformity; recent staff changes; and the new administration’s position to be a resource to local jurisdictions. He said the BCD wants to help all jurisdictions get on-line using Accela. Michael said he is happy to be back in the field where he feels he is the most successful.
  • ICC Update – Kraig Stevenson stated that his job is to ‘make things go better’ for our chapter and members. He reminded members who are considering attending the 2012 ICC ABM in October to submit a Code of Honor scholarship application. The scholarship pays for travel, lodging, and registration costs to attend the ICC ABM.  Kraig spoke about members posting comments for code proposals on the ICC webpage by September 10, 2012. The final action hearings will take place at the ABM from October 24 through October 28. He reminded members that the deadline for Group B proposals is January 3, 2013 and the deadline for Group C proposals is January 6, 2013. Kraig said that ICC and NFPA are working together to create awareness of the current safety codes. He encouraged members go online and join one of the 70 ICC committees or sign up for certificate & testing. Kraig stated there is a new course being offered; Crowd Management and the cost is $19.
  • The new officers were installed by Kraig Stevenson. President, Charlie Chase; Vice President, Mike Grubbs; Treasurer, Ted Zuk; Secretary, Nannette Chase. The new officers will serve a two year term.

  • September 28, 2012, at 12:00 P.M. at the Medford Community Justice Building, Medford, OR.
  • There was a motion by Ted Zuk to move the September meeting to Brookings and Mary Montague seconded. Discussion: Dale Bohannan suggested giving the Brookings chapter more advance notice; Audra Wonsyld and Robert Rice voiced concerns about low attendance and the additional cost; Robert suggested one annual meeting to be held in Brookings; Mary Montague stated that in the past meetings were held at the coast and she likes the idea. Ted Zuk rescinded his motion and Robert Rice made a motion to hold one meeting a year at the coast (date to be determined at a future meeting). Mary Montague seconded the motion. Motion carried. 
Minutes by Nannette Chase