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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012
JJ North’s Grand Buffett
Grants Pass Shopping Center
1150 NE E St., Grants Pass, Oregon
12:00 – Meeting
Chapter President Mary Montague called the meeting to order at approximately 12:14 P.M. Introductions were done.
In attendance: Charles Chase, Tom Venzon, Kamron Ismaili, Kevin Ferguson, Sally Maloney, Rick Friedman, Ken Sandlin, Steve Lampert, Mary Montague, Rex Turner, Michelle Stevens, Kevin Johnson, Chad Wiltrout, Joe Hyatt, Audra Wonsyld, Robert Rice, Nannette Chase
An addition was made to the agenda and that was to remove discussion about Region II.

Ken Sandlin motioned to approve the minutes and Chris Reising seconded. The motion was approved.
Treasurer Audra Wonsyld gave a treasury report.
  1. Chapter liaison to ICC Nannette Chase gave an update on the planned ICC ABM / Code hearings scheduled for October 21-24 in Portland Oregon. The next meeting Nannette will join by telephone. Nannette stated many important decisions will be finalized in this next meeting.  ICC State President Melanie Adams has taken a new position with Hillsboro. Congrats Melanie!
    Due to her new schedule and work challenges Melanie has retained an event coordinator to help organize
locally. Nannette gave out brochures encouraging Volunteers for the upcoming event.   ABM sponsors are being sought. If you know of a possible sponsor contact Nannette.  Nannette will give an update next meeting. The tour will be at World Forestry Center.
  1. Robert Rice gave an update on code proposals.  Progress continues. Group A are submitted and published proposals for fire code, fuel gas code. This is an opportunity for public comment. First round is in May at Dallas, Texas and Final Action will be in Portland, Oregon. Code Group B will be heard in 2013 Building code action committee; topics only. Robert will continue to update us on code changes as they occur.   Discussion and questions followed. Contact Robert Rice before January 3, 2013 if you want to see some changes in the IRC.
  2. Discussion of Region II formation Tabled at this time.
  3. By-Laws Update:  The first official reading of a by-laws change was done at the December 3, 2010 meeting and were not mailed out to the members. Re-read of the first reading was at this meeting. The by-laws with changes must be emailed to all current members within 20 days of the first reading.  Members should respond back with any questions or comments at THE FOLLOWING MEETING and membership will vote on the proposed changes. LOOK FOR THE EMAIL WITH CHANGES. Please review and comment if you wish. -a motion was made by Ken Sandlin and 2nd by Robert Rice to approve this process. Mary called for the vote. Motion carried.
  4. Home Show:  Audra gave a presentation on the upcoming home show. We need volunteers to help staff the booth. The event runs May 11, 12, 13. Times are May 11 2PM-5PM,  May 12 9AM-6PM and May 13 9AM-2PM. Typically booth is setup the Thursday prior and often taken down the Monday following the event. Please help out by signing up to help. Contact Audra.
    Audra suggested an idea for the booth would be to have a backyard or patio scene with the ICC 10 top home safety tips being shown. Michelle Stevens suggested we display the Oregon State Fire Marshal   ' Fire Hazard House' which is a table top prop that shows many hazards found within a home. Michelle will check for availability.
  5. Education Committee: No report. Mary stated that a letter is being drafted to send to Rogue Community College in support of the building trades program it currently offers.
  6. A thank you letter was received from Math Counts thanking ICC for the $100 donation we made.
  7. Robert Rice discussed wall bracing training. Robert suggested a training round table to help educate the home buildings learn the process on wall bracing. This is a confusing topic and the hope would be to work toward code consistency throughout the region
  1. Officer elections are coming up. Please consider being an officer or nominate a likely candidate.
  1. Today is Josephine County Inspector Kevin Ferguson’s last day on the job after almost 5 years. Robert Rice who Kevin works for shared some kind words about Kevin. Kevin is moving on to Hillsboro to go to work. We all will miss Kevin and wish him the best in this new chapter in his career.  GOOD LUCK KEVIN!
  1. Next Meeting
    1. Next meeting will be held at 1101 W. Main Street  Medford Oregon
Meeting was adjourned.
Minutes provided by Charles Chase