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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, October 25, 2013


October 25, 2013 / 12:00 P.M.
   Community Justice Building, Medford, OR
  • Chapter Vice President, Michael Grubbs, called the meeting to order at 12:07 P.M.
  • Members and guests in attendance: Michael Grubbs, Ted Zuk, Michael Morter, Chris Reising, Robert Rice, Jerry Greenlee, Rick Hackstock, Derek Zwagerman, Todd Brooks, Dennis Richey, Dale Bohannon, Mary Montague, Kyle Ward, Richard Freidman, Francis Cerdan, Sam Barnum, Michelle Stevens, Dave Gilroy, James McPherson and Aaron Yuma.
  • Dave Gilroy and James McPherson gave a presentation on Simpson Strong Ties, discontinued products, new products, proper installation techniques, and stock engineered “fixes” for common installation problems.
  • Chris Reising made a motion to approve the August minutes as presented and Dale Bohannon seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Operating Report - Ted Zuk handed out copies of the August and September 2013 operating reports. August and September countered each other for around a thousand dollar increase and then decrease in account balance. Ted cautioned that with current expenses for the upcoming October report, we would be down to $5600.00 currently left.
  • Math Counts asked for their annual donation request via e-mail. This discussion was tabled as Derek indicated the event was not until Spring next year.
  • The ABM final data was in and it appears had a $500.00 revenue shortfall for the event.
  • New members Kyle Ward and Richard Friedman were welcomed into the association.
There was no unfinished business on the agenda.
  • Michael Morter gave a brief presentation prior to the start of the educational section. He indicated the changes happening within BCD and gave an overview of his impression of a building officials roundtable held with industry representatives the day before. That meeting was positive and constructive and they will probably have future meetings to all get together.
Michael also reminded members that there will be a mandatory building official legislative training to be tentatively held Dec. 18, 2013 in Medford. It will be a three hour class that Mark Long will present.
  • Michael read a letter from President Charlie Chase on his positive experiences he had at the ICC annual conference in NJ. He thought Oregon was well represented and Robert did an exceptional job at the code hearings.
  • Mary indicated that McMurray and Sons would like to present at our next chapter meeting on Energy Additional Measures and the cost of the different options. It was agreed that Mike and Mary would book them for the next meeting.
  • There was discussion with Robert and Dale on how to increase revenue. Robert suggested possibly having a sponsor for the ABM next year like Dutch Bros. or Coca-cola. Dale suggested that even if we no longer were able to have code change classes for credit, we could still have them and invite the contractor community. There was discussion on outreach to the contractor community for consistent code application among our jurisdictions.
  • 2013 ICC ABM Conference –Robert gave a review of what key items happened at the code hearings at the Sept. ICC conference. Among them was a proposed amendment to the by-laws to amend the code cycle to six years instead of three. The amendment failed, but there was interested concern and the proposal may be addressed again in the future possibly with different cycle proposals.
Robert also discussed the State code cycle amendment process was currently going on. BCD has decided to keep the 2009 ICC as model code for this cycle with only clarifying housekeeping changes to be considered.
  • Robert indicated that ICC was having a call for committee members and this would be an excellent opportunity for Oregon to be represented.
  • Chris will be putting a presentation on the City of Medford’s new seismic requirements at the Professional Engineers Assoc. The presentation will be at 11:30 for a lunch meeting at King Wah in Medford on Nov. 15, 2013.
  • Robert took the lead to get the HBA to come down to present a class on residential energy code inspection and review. Howard Asch will teach the class and dates and venue are TBD.
  • None submitted.
  • Michael Grubbs asked for what other jurisdictions were doing in regard to allowing under floor ducts to either be attached to structure or not. After lengthy discussion, the consensus was that the ducts boots could be allowed to not be attached to the floor joist but the boots must be securely attached to the duct itself. There was also consensus that under floor insulation inspection could be deferred and decking installed if the weather was bad.
  • Ted brought up bonding of gas lines. There had been local discussion on this since a John Powell presentation that said bonding wasn’t required if there was an equipment bond available. Discussion talked about a range plug and cord connection that may or may not be plugged in and would probably only be 18 gauge cord, whether bonding was required too just a gas fired water heater,  to manufacturer’s technical bulletins requiring the bonding. Michael indicated that BCD had already put out an interpretation that the bulletins were not part of the listing documents. Mike volunteered to speak with Dennis and try and get something in writing we could use.
No meeting in November
Next Meeting:  December 6, 2013 @ Black Bear Diner, Grants Pass
  • The President adjourned the meeting at 1:42 P.M.