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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, February 28, 2014

February 28, 2014 / 12:00 P.M.
Taprock NW Grill, Grants Pass, OR.
  • Chapter President, Charles Chase, called the meeting to order at 12:12 P.M.
  • Members and guests in attendance: Charles Chase, Ted Zuk, Nannette Chase, Dale Bohannon, LauraLee Snook, Brian Pike, Pat DeBenedetti, Michelle Stevens, Greg Seger, Chris Reising, Michael Morter, Robert Rice, Ken Sandlin, Jay Stine, Lynda Wolf, and Audra Wonsyld.
  • Chris Reising made a motion to approve the January 24, 2014 minutes as presented and LauraLee Snook seconded the motion. Motion carried.
  • Operating Report - Ted Zuk went over the details of the January 2014 operating report. No copies were given out to members.
  • Membership – Ted reminded members to pay their 2014 membership dues.
  • Antique Fire Sprinkler - Dale Bohannan showed members a single source fire sprinkler that was used in the 1930s and 1940s. The sprinkler was made up of a glass ball filled with carbon tetrachloride that sat in a metal wall bracket. This type of fire sprinkler was banned when carbon tetrachloride was found to be toxic once the liquid hit flames.
  • Using Untreated Wood – Discussion on ORSC Section 317.1; covered and uncovered decks; table in section R301.2 (1) that shows wood damage probability in Jackson and Josephine Counties; downsides of using pressure treated wood.
  • Balloon Framing on End Walls of Vaults – Discussion on ORSC section 602.3; outside walls and walls with vaults; application of balloon framing; practical application. Robert Rice explained his efforts to get this section added to the code.
  • Treating Cut Ends of Pressure Treated Wood – Discussion on types of wood requiring treatment; lack of seeing cut ends that have been treated and need to start discussion within jurisdictions.
  • Required Structural Connections of Decks to Buildings – Discussion on bracket use being an approved practice; use of ledger locks; deck failures; both ledger connection and lateral restraint are required per code. Figure 502.2.2.3 is an allowed prescriptive option to satisfy requirements of R502.2.2.3.
  • Fire Alarm Campaign – Charlie spoke about Evan’s Valley Fire Department’s recent fire alarm campaign. Firefighters and volunteers visited a couple of mobile home parks and installed a total of 47 fire alarms. Robert Rice mentioned the idea of Building Departments partnering up with fire departments for Building Safety Week in May. Charlie also suggested that Building Departments join in the Fire Prevention Co Op’s annual event.
  • Brief discussion on topics for the April chapter meeting.
  • ADA Requirements and Pre-existing, Nonconforming Structures – Discussion on switch-back ramps; travel distance; accessibility.
  • Swimming Pools & Barriers: Discussion on permit for both pool & barrier; need for a plan review; group agreement that it is a good idea to include barriers on permits or require plan review.
  • OBOA – Robert Rice talked about OBOA notice to members regarding reasons for institute classes being rescheduled. April and May institute classes have been rescheduled. Robert went over the class topics which are more in-depth and practical. He also mentioned that the BCD is now giving the code change classes.
  • BCD – Michel Morter went over the code change classes that will be offered by the BCD. He stated BCD will have staff at the OBOA institute classes and BCD will also do a ‘road show’.
  • Job Openings / Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office – Charlie mentioned that there are openings for Deputy Fire Marshal positions in Salem and Coos Bay areas.
  • Next Meeting: March 28, 2014, 12:00 PM @ Community Justice Building, Medford, OR.
  • The President adjourned the meeting at 1:21 P.M.
Minutes by Nannette Chase