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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, March 28, 2014

March 28, 2014 / 12:00 P.M.
Medford Community Justice Building,
Medford OR
  • Chapter President, Charles Chase, called the meeting to order at 12:08 P.M.
  • Members in attendance: Charles Chase, Michael Grubbs, Ted Zuk, Nannette Chase, Bob Phillips, LauraLee Snook, Dale Bohannan, Robert Rice, Chad Wiltrout, Derek Zwagerman, Chris Reising, Dennis Richey, Mark Stevens, Jay Stine, Jerry Greenlee, Kyle Ward, Mary Montague, Michael Morter,

  • Robert Rice made a motion to approve the February 2014 minutes as presented and Chris Reising seconded the motion. Motion carried.

  • Ted Zuk handed out copies of the February 2014 operating report. Ted said some membership dues had been coming in.
  • Charlie Chase announced the upcoming nominations and election of new officers. Copies of the By-laws were provided to members. Past President Mary Montague will appoint a Nomination Committee Chairperson. Charlie offered to help with the committee. Nominee names will be announced at the June 27th chapter meeting and an email will be sent to members the following week. The election of new officers will be at the July 25th chapter meeting. New officers will begin their two year terms at the August 22nd annual business meeting.

  • Untreated Wood – Michael Grubbs had questions from last month’s open discussion. The clarification was that the requirement for using pressure treated is not enforced in So. Oregon except along the coast.
  • Energy Alternate Choices – Dale mentioned chapter 11 of the ORSC regarding additional measures. Discussion followed regarding size of joists, hanging, and depths. Medford requires testing certification form at plans check or at final. Alternate additional measure #5 was discussed. Chad mentioned the problem with the air ducts bringing outside air into the residences. When heavy smoke (wildfires or woodstove) is in the area it is drawn into the residences. Discussion followed regarding shutting off the intake or alternate options.
  • Cripple Walls – Dale brought up questions regarding the usage of ‘cripple wall’ and ‘pony wall”. There seems to be some confusion between the two. The Model Code is not the same as the Oregon Code and the 1998 amendment to the Oregon Code created confusion. There was discussion about heights, sheathing, and bracing. Everyone is using the 2008 ORAC except Brookings.
  • Gas Line Bonding – Dale mentioned he still is seeing gas lines bonded at the meter. Michael Grubbs said that is fine if there is no bonding line to the oven. Discussion about meters to street are required to be plastic, not metal.
  • Protection of Attic Doors In Garage – Discussion on requiring sheet metal or sheetrock covers on attic doors located in the ceilings of garages. Charlie spoke about obstructions that impede fire and meet the fire code. Michael shared a story of an Ashland home that had a fire in the garage which had ½” sheetrock installed and it helped save the house. General agreement that something to impede the spread of fire is better than nothing. A suggestion was made to consider the use of intumescent paint that is fire rated.
  • Other – Robert Rice reminded members that the presenter for the April 25th chapter meeting will be Keith Schaber who is a commercial roof installer. Keith has tips to help interpret and enforce codes regarding roofing. Robert will be giving a class on ‘Improving & Enforcing Roofing Codes’ on April 16th at the OSFMA Conference in Albany. He will be using the template that Keith’s group created. Robert asked members who are interested to submit a plans check list to him or come up to Albany for the class.
  • Chad asked Michael Morter when the new code books will be released; the new codes are effective July 2014. Michael said that the books should be available in October 2014. The commercial codes will be posted online sooner.
  • The next meeting will be held on April 25, 2014, 12:00 P.M., Taprock NW Grill, Grants Pass, OR. Presentation by Keith Schaber / ‘Tips to Help Interpret and Enforce Codes Regarding Roofing’.

  • The President adjourned the meeting at 1:38 P.M.