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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, June 27, 2014



June 27, 2014 / 12:00 P.M.
Community Justice Building, 1101 W. Main Street, Medford, OR

  • Chapter President, Charles Chase, called the meeting to order at 1:07 P.M.
  • Members and guests in attendance:  Charles Chase, Ted Zuk, Nannette Chase, Michael Morter, Alan Williams, Mark Unger, Francis Cerdan, Dennis Richey, Robert Rice, Chris Reising, Jay Stine, Sam Barnum, Kevin Samuelson, John Page, and Michelle Johnson.
  • Chris Reising made a motion to approve the April minutes and Michael Morter seconded the motion. Motion passed.
III.    BCD Update – Michael Morter gave an update on some local changes; Chris Reising was hired as
        the Medford Deputy City Manager, Sam Barnum was hired as the Medford Building Official, and Jeremy 
        Payne was hired as the Ashland Building Official. Michael also mentioned that Douglas County hired Tony
        West as the Assistant Building Official. He then spoke about the BCD partnering with Gresham regarding
        recruitment for the electrician training. They are starting training for SEI and SPI. It will last two weeks
        and be an online live session followed up with field training. Look for complete information in the BCD July

  • Mark Unger from Mc Murray and Son’s Energy Management gave a presentation on attic insulation. The presentation covered attic insulation density testing, the correct way to install insulation, and installing ducts. He stated that if insulation is installed correctly it can save 20% in energy costs. Handouts of charts and information were given to members.
         Operating Report - Ted Zuk handed out copies of the April and May 2014 operating reports. Ted stated
         that fees for our nonprofit status and charitable operations were paid to the IRS. A room at RCC was 
         reserved earlier in the year for $75 but the chapter has not scheduled a class there yet. Ted suggested
         we use the room in the near future.   

  • Names of Nominees for New Officers – Mary Montague and Dale Bohannan were not in attendance but Ted shared a list of nominees given to him by Mary.  President – Ted Zuk; Vice President – Ken Sandlin or Chad Wiltrout; Treasurer – Dennis Richey; Secretary – Mark Stevens.  Charlie Chase read aloud the by-laws regarding elections. The names of the nominees will be listed in the meeting minutes and emailed to the members by July 11, 2014. The election will take place at the July 25, 2014 chapter meeting.
  • SOCICC ABM Update – Ted stated he has not made any firm plans yet as to the venue for the August 23rd meeting. There was some discussion on attendance numbers and cost of meals. Robert Rice shared how the ABM has evolved over the last several years. Michelle Johnson shared an idea that the OSFM have done; hold a two day training and include the ABM to be held on the first evening. Nannette suggested just holding a casual BBQ. The group discussed this idea and which park to use. It was also suggested that SOCICC would pay for the meat and members could bring a dish to share. Michelle suggested that Nannette contact the Josephine County Parks Director for the availability of Tom Peirce Park. Ted will also check what parks are available in Jackson County. Ted made a motion to check on park availability. Michelle seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • OBOA Update – Robert Rice talked about the 2014 OBOA ABM being held in Bend in about two weeks. The ICC President, ICC Vice President, and the ICC Past President will all be speakers at the event. Dutch Bros. will send two speakers and will also place a mobile cart in the parking lot of the hotel to serve coffee. Robert stated that the OBOA has hired a new lobbyist to represent them in the legislature and as otherwise needed.
  • Charlie Chase mentioned the Fire Sprinkler classes that Jackson County Fire Dist. #3 is offering in July. He also spoke about the IAAI Advanced Arson conference that will be take place in January 2015. All the proceeds will go to a program that helps children involved in fire setting incidents. The IAAI will be sending a request asking if SOCICC will consider a donation of $200 for being a ‘break’ sponsor. Our chapter name will be displayed on a sign along with the other sponsors.
  • Pay It Forward Request – The 2014 ICC ABM will be held in Florida. The Florida chapter is requesting donations to the Pay It Forward Fund.  Michelle Johnson made a motion for SOCICC to donate $100 and Robert Rice seconded the motion. There was discussion regarding past donation amounts and Robert Rice then withdrew his motion. Michelle Johnson amended her motion to change the donation amount to $200. Robert Rice seconded the motion as amended. The motion passed.
  • July 25, 2014, 12 P.M., Taprock Grill, Grants Pass, OR
Election of Officers for 2014-2016 and followed by an Open Discussion Session.
  • The President adjourned the meeting at 1:27 P.M.

Minutes by Nannette Chase