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SOCICC - Minutes     
Friday, September 26, 2014


September 26, 2014 /12:00 P.M.
Medford Community Justice Building, Medford, OR
  • Chapter President, Ted Zuk, called the meeting to order at 12:10 P.M.
  • Members and guests in attendance:  Ted Zuk, Jay Stine, Dennis Richey, Robert Rice, Michael Morter, Chris Reising, Sam Barnum, Mary Montague, Tanner Fairrington, Tom Venson, Margueritte Hickman, Dale Bohannon, Jeremy Payne, Derek Zwaggerman.
  • John Page made a motion to approve the August minutes as presented and Dale Bohannon seconded the motion. Motion passed.
  • Operating Report Ė Dennis Richey handed out copies of the August 2014 operating report. Current Balance was $3,350.64 with a $488.27 decrease in funds.
  • Continued discussion on a By-Law change to move the meeting dates to a Thursday to accommodate Medford and Grants Pass every second Friday off schedule.  The effort was to boost availability to have all members be able to attend. Much discussion ensued with a general agreement that Thursdays were better days for regular meetings but the ABM may better be served on a Friday. Medford expressed reservation with Thursday as a conflict in their schedule. It was discussed that the Bylaws be changed to let the exec. Board decide and leave the actual day of the week out of the Bylaws. Ted said he would create a proposed Bylaw change for further review.
  • Michael Morter presented the BCD report. Reminded everyone that there would be a new residential electrical cross training course starting in November and to look for the e-mail announcement soon. He also reported that several more jurisdictions have implemented the e-permit system and that program was moving forward quickly. He also stated the number of job openings statewide and the difficulty in filling them. BCD was looking at creative ways to allow experience based authorizations in the interim while a more robust and inclusive certification program could be revised and implemented. There was also discussion on the aging of the inspector pool and how it was of concern.
  • Ted presented some ideas for outreach and training for area inspectors and spoke of the ICC high school training program sponsorship. Discussion revolved around whether that model could be altered to allow community colleges to provide with Oregonís limited vocational training in high schools. Dale thought we should look elsewhere as the local community college was scaling back itís construction program. Robert suggested we wait a bit to see what the ICC past presidentís committee comes up with regarding possible BO provided training. Ted would take that info to the ICC high school training liaison to explore possibilities.
  • Next discussion revolved around the unused ICC certificate for a $1000.00 credit on an onsite ICC trained course. General prices for courses suggested it would be another $1000.00 outlay by the Chapter to provide a course. Much discussion ensued regarding the time constraints of using the credit before it expired the end of the year. and a motion was made by Robert to allow the Ed Committee to pick a course and purchase it. Motion was seconded by Dale and passed. A report to the membership would be provided at the next meeting.
  • There was then discussion on providing contractor training for the trades as part of their continuing education, Ted indicated he believed it was about a thousand dollar buy in to get CCB approval to provide code courses to the contractors. Idea was generally agreed to but passed until the Chapter had more funds available.
  • Margueritte and Dale presented that Margueritte was wanting to bring a Residential Sprinklers: Homes to High Rise class to the area and asked for SOC-ICC support. There was a lot of support among the attendees and it was to be solicited to the membership to get an idea on turn out as the course was very expensive.
  • Sam suggested that a separate regular meeting be established to get all the inspectors together to talk code consistency. There have been some local issues recently. It was agreed this was a good idea and Michael shared that BCD would be available if needed. Discussion between Ted and Sam would continue towards setting this up.
  • Discussion on location and time of ABM was next with an eye towards getting ahead of the curve this year and establishing a plan early on. It was tabled until the schedule for next year was fully established.
  • None submitted.
  • Time was running short and none submitted for discussion.
  • Next meeting October 24, 2014 at the Tap Rock Grill, 12:00 PM
  • Dale Bohannon made a motion to close the meeting and Robert Rice seconded the motion. Motion passed. The meeting was adjourned at 1:05 P.M.