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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, November 17, 2016

November 17, 2016 / 12:00 P.M.
Taprock N.W. Grill, 971 S.E. 6th St., Grants Pass, OR

I.     CALL TO ORDER/ INTRODUCTIONS       @12:02 pm
  • Members and guests in attendance, CJ Marincus, Jeremy Payne, Ken Sandlin, Robert Rice, Jim Akery, Chad Wiltrot, Alex Rodriguez, Tanner Fairrington, Mike Shaw, Jay Stine, Frank Wharregard, Matthew Potts, Cliff Pettigrew, Derek Zwagerman, Audra Wonsyld, Joseph Hyalt
  • Motion by CJ Marincus to approve minutes, 2nd by Derek Zwagerman - Motion carried
  •  Treasurer's Report by CJ Marincus - We took a big hit from our $2,000 class in August at the ABM but still in the black. 
  • Tom Phillips & Jay Henry, BCD Update - All building provisions for new construction that are in the fire code will be moved over to the building code per Oregon statute (No time line on when this will be complete). This is to affirm that there is one decision maker the Building Official. Building Official is to consult with the Fire Marshal to give input.
  •  Tiny Houses - People are saying that they are RV's (a temporary structure) but advertising them as single family dwellings (permanent structure). Tiny homes are to be built per the requirements of the Oregon Residential building code and have a licensed plumber and electrician doing their work.  It's up to the Building Official to grant an alternate method, but it has to be built in that jurisdiction.  BCD says that if the state legislators tells BCD to create a code for them, they will.  If not it needs to be built to ORSC.
  • Certification Manual - Jay handed out copies and mentioned that there are available online as well.
  • Regional Solutions   Has contacted BDC to schedule a couple of people to come down and talk about revitalization of downtown buildings.  BCD to let us know when they would like to come down.
  • New Bills - Getting ready to go into session to look at building related new bills.
  • New Addition to BCD - Marcus Stovall, Marcus joined BCD in October 2016 as deputy assistant plumbing chief. He assists with training and the regional program. He is pleased to be part of the BCD team, adding: "I enjoy teaching the curriculum and I want to see students succeed."
  • Educational Class - Jeremy Payne - At last meeting the body voted to cancel the tentative educational class that was set for December 1st 2016 because of lack of funds and have classes in 2017 in order to use the voucher for the coming year.  Classes are slated for the months April and September.
  • 2017 Meeting Calendar - Jeremy Payne - Check out new meeting calendar with dates and NEW locations.
  • Square - CJ Marincus - The board moved forward on using the Square app to make it easier for members to make a payment.  It's a great tool to help members stay current with their payments.
  • Facebook Page - Jeremy Payne - We now have a Facebook page up and running its Southern Oregon ICC.  You can down load the app and like the page or you can go to our web site ( and click on like us on facebook.  This is a day way to stay connected.
  • ICC/OGCV - The voting period for proposed code changes that will become part of the 2018 editions of IRC, IECC, IFC & IBC is open through November 22. So those of you who are registered to do so, please go online and cast your vote.
  • Educational opportunities - Jeremy Payne mentioned that we have tentative dates for 2017 classes in April, 20th and September, 28th.  Ted Zuk made a remote suggestion in bringing back instructor Brice Miller with a Firestop class in April.
  • Guest Speaker for January - Contractor to talk about Tiny Homes
  • BCD Certification renewal - Jay Henry - There were some that let their OIC certifications expire. Keep an eye on when your cert's are coming up for renewal.  Some may require continued education.
  • Gas Line bonding - There was a discussion on the requirements of when bonding is required to a gas line.  The end result was to contact Keith the electrical chief and see what his thought is.
  • Stick Frame Roofs - Robert Rice - Will save for another meeting. 
  • Next meeting 01/19/17 @ Carnegie Bldg, 2nd Floor 413 W. Main, Medford, OR
  • Meeting adjourned @ 1:17