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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, September 29, 2016

September 29, 2016 / 12:00 P.M.
Carnegie Building, 2nd Floor, 413 W. Main Street, Medford, OR

I.     CALL TO ORDER/ INTRODUCTIONS       @12:15 pm
  • Members and guests in attendance, CJ Marincus, Jeremy Payne, Ken Sandlin, Robert Rice, Jim Akery, Sam Barnum, Ben Marincus, Kamron Ismaili, Greg Kleinberg, Chase Browning, Chad Wiltrot, Alex Rodriguez, Tanner Fairrington
  • New Officers - President - Jeremy Payne,  Vice President - Jay Stine, Secretary - Alex Rodriguez,   Treasurer - CJ Marincus  
  • Motion by Chase Browning to approve minutes, 2nd by Robert Rice - Motion carried
  •  Treasurer's Report by CJ Marincus - Accounts in good shape.  CJ mentioned another and easier way to pay for meetings/lunch using the Square point of sale app.
  • Jay Henry, BCD Regional Coordinator - BCD finalizing a 30 page draft certification manual to show how to get certified through the state.  Check BCD website to make sure any of your ICC certs have transferred over to BCD.  After November 1st there will be an $80 fee to transfer an ICC cert over to a BCD cert.  Residential plan review module will be included with the Residential Structural/Mechanical module. Chad asked if BCD was going to take on the vetting process of special inspectors and providing list.  Jay will get back to us on that.
  • Educational Class - Motion was made by Robert Rice to postpone class until next year in order to use Chapter voucher and save $2,050, Second by Alex Rodriguez - Motion carried
  • Meeting Locations - All are good with currant locations and may add location in Ashland.  Suggestion was made that it would be nice to find a location in Grants Pass like Carnegie.
  • 2017 ABM will be at Gold Beach. (Date and time TBD)
  • Chapter candidacy requests - ICC region II recommends the endorsement of candidates Alan Boswell, Michael Wich and Tom Peterson.  Robert Rice made motion to follow the recommendations of region II and send support letters, 2nd by Jeremy Payne - Motion carried
  • Jeremy Payne - SOCICC Facebook page - Jeremy mentioned that Region II has a Facebook page and recommended our chapter have one and thought it would be a great way for members to network.  Robert Rice made motion for a Facebook page, but no Pokémon stuff, 2nd by CJ Marincus - Motion carried.  Jeremy and CJ to monitor and be the administrators.  Also talked remote meeting capabilities - Many ideas were discussed.  Start with pricing to see the best bang for the buck. To be continued.
  • Robert Rice - Stick frame construction requirements - Robert talked about a lot of contractors/Framers are missing detail requirements. A pamphlet was handed out for review and for future discussion.  Jeremy - Talked about ceiling joist spans, some contractors/owners under sizing material for the span. Robert to incorporate into handout.
  • < > - Talked about the use of the Square (a point of sale app) to make it easier for ones who don't carry cash to pay for membership and lunches at meetings.  It's free to get and a small fee for each transaction.  Robert made motion for the board to look into it and make a decision. Chad 2nd - Motion carried.Greg Kleinberg - Submitted a code change proposal to BCD for ORSC Section R324 Wildfire Hazard Mitigation the adoption of Ignition Resistant Materials for exterior wall coverings, attic vents, class B roof and screening roof gutters with min. 1/8 inch mesh on new homes. There is cost savings on insurance help offset the extra material cost.
  • Next meeting 11/17/16 @ Taprock NW Grill, 971 SE 6th St. Grants Pass.
Meeting adjourned @ 1:08