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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, April 19, 2018


April 19th, 2018
Community Justice Building
1101 W. Main St., Medford, Or, 97501
  • Meeting was called to order at 12:15 p.m. Members Present: John Page, Jim Pruett, Sam Barnum, Todd Travalini, Chad Wiltrout, Kyle JoCo, Cliff Pettigrew, Derek Neff, Breck Cook, Matthew Potts, Tom Venson, Ken Sandlin. 
  • Minutes from March 22nd, 2018, Jim made motion to approve as written, John 2nd. All voted in favor to approve.
  • Treasurer’s Operating Report (Alex)
IV.      Guest Speaker - None

  • VOLUNTEERS ARE NEEDED! May is Building Safety Month. Set up “Good Wall, Bad Wall”. I am talking with Lowes to possibly set it up there on a weekend in May. We will need volunteers to staff it.
  • Discussed SOC-ICC ABM. Meeting is August 16th and 17th at Diamond Lake. Thursday classes will be 2012 IBC Exit Systems and 2012 IBC Fire- Resistance and Hazardous Uses. Both are 3 hr classes. Cost TBD.We have rooms set aside for us but we need to book them ASAP.
  • Discussed Upcoming class- Friday May 11th, 9:00 to 5:00 pm at The Rogue Regency Inn. “ Top 10 Best Practices for Todays Homebuider.” This class is put on by BetterBuilt NW and goes over the latest and greatest techniques being used today to build energy efficient homes.The class is free to attend. I have submitted the class to ICC for Preferred Provider status. 7 CEU’s with CCB, BPI, AIA, ICC. Flyers will be out shortly.
  • Discussed Upcoming classes- Saturday and Sunday June 24th and 25th. 2017 Oregon Plumbing Specialty Code and 2017 Oregon Rule and Law for Plumbers. Class to be held at the Medford Library. Cost for the class is $200. The class is taught by McKenzie W. James who is a BCD Approved Instructor, a Plumbing Inspector and a Licensed Journeyman Plumber. The class offers 8 hrs of BCD credits for plumbers. I have submitted the classes to ICC for Preferred Provider Status so we may get 8CEU’s. Fliers to be out shortly.
  • Discussed Contractor/ Inspector Forum on June 5thfrom 4:00- 6:00 pm. Asked everyone to send topics. Will be at the Community Justice Building. Fliers will be out
  • Discussed working with JT and Allied Building to join up with the AIA Chapter to bring Lunch and Learn meetings to the building community.
  • Discussed volunteers/ nominations for the Secretary and Treasurer positions. The positions will be open and hopefully filled at our ABM in August. Hurry and volunteer now!
  • Discussed ICC Region 2 is asking for $100 donations to be put towards their mentorship program and the cost of sending that person to the ICC ABM along with the President. Jay made a motion to accept, Todd 2nd all voted in favor.
  • Scott Pingle will be our next month’s Speaker. He is a local structural engineer. Asked everyone to send Jay topics you would like him to discuss.
  • Mark Stevenson (Josephine County) is putting together an Inspector training Program. He has BCD approval for a mentorship program type.
  • Discussed M1502.5- Clothes drier duct protection. Nail plate to extend 2” above sole plate and 2” below top plates
  • Discussed jurisdictions using the same handouts/ forums. Stephen would like to collect and collaborate between the jurisdictions.
  • Discussed R602.3- Balloon framing walls. What is a good fix when the wall is not balloon framed? Residential. It really depends on the situation, size. Discussed some different scenarios. Depends on your comfort zone of what to allow or contact an engineer. Everyone seems to agree.
  • Discussed R806.1- Roof ventilation. Do you need to ventilate an open porch shed roof ? Depends if the rafter bays are enclosed.
  • Discussed if a separate permit for a shower pan should be required. The problem is the installer of the tile does not need a license and this is where the damage becomes an issue and very expensive years later to remedy. Who is responsible? The plumbing code does not address.
  • Discussed TJI 9-1/2” joists for insulation depth. Most are using hangers. Grants Pass requires high density insulation.
  • Chad made motion to adjourn, Todd 2nd, all in favor. Meeting adjourned at 1:03 p.m. Next meeting May 17th, Taprock Northwest Grill, 971 SE 6th St., Grants Pass, Or 97526. Pay for Lunch at location.