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SOCICC - Minutes     
Thursday, January 24, 2019

Taprock Northwest Grill
971 SE 6th Street - Grants Pass, OR
January 24, 2019
12:00 PM
I.   Call to Order
Meeting was called to order at 12:08 PM. Members present: Breck Cook, Mario Chaidez, Tim Swenson, Ken Sandlin, Joelen Wood, Tom Venzoa, Mark Stevenson, Matthew Potts, CJ Marincus, Jay Henry, Derek Neff, Audra Wonsyld, Ron Todd Sr., Ron Todd Jr., Jake Wardle, Melissa Martin, Chad Wiltrout, Tom McDowell
II.   Approval of Agenda / Minutes
  • November Minutes approved by Mark, 2nd by Derek
  • Agenda approved by Mark and 2nd by Melissa
III.   Reports of Officers
Treasurer’s Operating Report – Breck
IV.   Guest Speakers
  • Jay Henry, BCD – Update on Plumbing and Electrical certifications- the state will no longer approve and new authorization for A-level.
  • New rules/ reminders
    • Drop down Air Hanger systems
    • Tiny House limitations on lofts and limitations
    • Rework of qualifications and requirements for A-level
    • Wildfire Hazard – R327.4 (jurisdiction has option to adopt)
  • Welcome to Contact Jay Henry for any other questions
V.   Unfinished Business
a) Sharing forms/handouts between jurisdictions – Steven-(absent) (still open)
b) 2019 Membership dues – Website has been updated to reflect current year. Please pay if needed ASAP.
c) Suggestions for education credit classes for Spring and 2 half day classes. Breck is officially heading up.
d) Recommendation to start reserving your room for next annual business meeting at Gold Beach this summer. August 22-23rd
e) Agreement To donate $200.00 to Safety Region #2, 2.R program (board member shadow in October)   Approved by Matt 2nd by Mark
VI.   New Business

a) Agreement To donate $200.00 to Safety Region #2, 2.R program (board member shadow in October)   Approved by Matt 2nd by Mark
b) Social Media- Facebook and LInkin accounts have been created.
  • Follow and join us on Social Media
  • Stay updated
  • Update forms on website as well
c) May- Building Safety month- Open for ideas
VII.   Open Discussion
  1. SOICC Future
  2. Mark spoke about his intern program in Josephine County and how it is a pathway for people who are interested in becoming an inspector.
  3. Mark was recently elected on the OBOA board
  4. CJ opened the floor to ideas on getting people involved for CEUs.
    1. Boise Cascade
    2. Truss Joist
    3. Webinars as a group
  5. Discussion on code/ inspection procedures.
    1. Vapor retarder on insulation calls out Class 2 – clarification
    2. Ashland doing a 2 tag system for gas lines. All other jurisdictions performing a 2 inspection 1 tag.
    3. Verifying insulation R-5 on backflow devices
VIII.   Next Meeting
February 28th 2019
Community Justice Building – 1101 W. Main St Medford, OR   
Meeting closed by Derek  2nd Matthew Potts
@ 1:12 PM