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Robert Rice
(3/2/2007 9:33:25 AM)
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Residential (13D) Sprinkler Insulation

I find in reading NFPA 13D that it has prescriptive ways to insulate the pipes in the attic. In talking with a plumber who claims to be well read with the standard, he says they use standard snap on pipe insulation (styrofoam tube with a slit cut to put on pipe).
In talking with a fire protection engineer, he said that in his opinion this would not be a satisfactory means of assuring the pipes would not freeze.
This is my question. Do you know somebody who is truly an expert?
I do not want to think the standard is the only way folks are doing these installations and would like to get a couple of 'expert' opinions on it.

Charlie Chase

(12/8/2009 11:32:30 AM)
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RE: Residential (13D) Sprinkler Insulation

I know an expert. He is a fire prevention engineer in Portland named Dee Lockwood P.E. of Lockwood Engineering LLC 503.546.0628.
Dee told me that cold water in a pipe with slit insulation over does NOTHING. Insulation is meant to keep cold and warm apart with INSULATION. The presciptive methods in NFPA 13D are meant to capture the heat coming convection) from below from the living quarters and keeping the pipes from freezing. Wrapping the pipes actually keeps the warm air from below getting TO the PIPES.
charlie IAAI-C.F.I.