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Membership Application 2018
$25.00 Per Applicant, Per Year. Your request will ask you to choose one of the membership types below:

ACTIVE MEMBER: Any person within Oregon whose primary duties are the enforcement of building codes and related ordinances, and is employed by a state or local unit of government. An Active Member has all voting rights.

ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Any person(s), firms, company, or corporation having an interest in furthering the objectives and purposes of this association. Such a member shall not hold an elective office. An Associate Member has no voting rights. Associate Members are permitted to attend meetings of the statutory members of the Association, to submit comments and information to the Association and to serve as voting member of the Associations committees and sub-committees.

HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: May be conferred upon any person as an honorarium for outstanding service to the Association. Such a member shall hold no elected office nor be subject to payment of dues.

Membership ($25.00)
Membership dues or new membership into the Southern Oregon Chapter of the International Code Council.
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